Whole Bible Objections: We Don't Get Punished, We Don't Get Paid

1 year ago

Bruce S. Bertram of The Word of God Ministries and http://www.wholebible.com explores another couple of objections to whole Bible Christianity. "We don't get punished" is heard quite a bit from people who wear His name but refuse His commands. It seems that in their minds if they are not getting hit with a stick then they must be doing okay. The other side of this coin is "we don't get paid enough." The people who use this argument (usually the same ones who are making all the other objections to following the whole of His living oracles) can't see any benefit to obedience. They are unwilling to obey His commands because, apparently, to them it is all about pay. Whole Bible Christianity is much different in that we see the love in the Law because His love is in our hearts. We do what He says because we want to, not because we have to or because we are paid. Paid or not, whole Bible Christians follow every command, law, statute, suggestion or whim.

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