Whole Bible Objections: Nailed to the Cross, It's Legalism

Bruce S. Bertram from The Word of God Ministries and http://www.wholebible.com continues the review of 20 objections to whole Bible Christianity from chapter seven of his book Whole Bible Christianity. In this video he looks at the two objections of "The Law was Nailed to the Cross," and "It's Legalism." As with all the objections, these two are also using only part of the Bible through a heart of stone. What was nailed to the cross was our transgressions, not the Law. We broke the Law, and death was the penalty. Jesus paid that penalty so we don't have to worry about whether we break the Law or not: we just follow it with every part of a heart of flesh.

Legalism is not following the Law, it is a misuse of the Law to earn salvation merit. God's Law is holy, just, righteous, and good. There is nothing to fear from His Law. Just blessings to be gained by abiding in it.

For more information our books Whole Bible Christianity: Blessings Pressed Down and Overflowing, Nicolaitan: Lords of Hypocrisy and Whole Bible Prophecy: Horror and Hope are available on Amazon.

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