Whole Bible Objections: Paul says it's okay, Can't do, It's a Curse

Bruce S. Bertram from The Word of God Ministries and http://www.wholebible.com continues the discussion of objections to whole Bible Christianity with "Paul says it's okay (to ignore the Law)," "We can't do the Law," and "The Law is a curse." As usual, none of these objections are found in the Word, and all 20 that we cover in this series are pushed by hearts of stone.

Paul wasn't a Christian. He accepted Jesus as the Messiah, but that is much different than "becoming a Christian" as we know them today. He was a model of a Law-following Jew. If you don't believe us, try reading the Bible.

"We can't" is a familiar refrain from many so-called Christians. It is exactly opposite, though, of God's message. He says "you can" over and over. The problem isn't "can" or "can't" however. It is the heart, and a general unwillingness to do what God says.

"The Law is a curse" is one of the worst sorts of teachings that has ever been based on part-Bible principles. No where does the Bible say the Law is a curse. The curse was given in the Garden, when the first parents followed their own understanding and died. Death is the curse, not the Law. The Law is life, light, and truth.

So tune in and see how these and the other 20 objections to whole Bible Christianity disappear in the pure light of the source.

Whoops. The link to the Mark Driscoll video footnoted in this video was at http://theresurgence.com/mark_driscol... but as of June 2015 it seems to be gone, along with the entire website. Probably because he quit his job as the senior pastor at Mars Hill church due to plagiarism and other not-good charges. Oh well, another false mega-teacher bites the dust!

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