Sit Down with Michelle | Day 1 Red Deer | National Citizens Inquiry

1 year ago

Join us for the Sit Down summary of Day 1, Red Deer, Alberta, with Michelle Leduc Catlin, where she sheds light on the crucial developments of the day. Michelle highlights the emerging theme of the complete loss of trust among the Canadian public and how the nation is currently facing a state of emergency.

Tune in to gain valuable insights into the testimony of lay witnesses who have faced significant losses, including business closures and income reduction. Michelle also provides an in-depth analysis of the expert witness testimony such as Dr. Gregory Chan, who submitted 56 adverse event forms, out of which only half were accepted, and a mere six were officially recognized as vaccine injuries.

This summary highlights the key points from Day 1 that raise serious concerns about the vaccine injury reporting system in Canada, our abandonment of emergency management plans, and loss.

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