National Citizens Inquiry | Red Deer Day 3

National Citizens Inquiry | Red Deer Day 3 Hearing

Red Deer Day 3 – April 28

Shawn Buckley 0:46:31 – 1:20:50
Lawyer – Opening Remarks
Chris Scott 1:20:52 – 2:12:30
Lay Witness - Owner of Whistlestop Cafe
A passionate testimony regarding the
measures that the government took against
him, how people rallied around his cause
and will happen if people do not stand up
and stand firm.
Dr. Misha Susoeff 2:12:54 – 2:52:20
Lay Witness - Dentist
Brings to light a different aspect of informed
consent, loss of personal income, changes in
patients attitudes and health and a
particular incident in Canada’s history
regarding ‘passports’.

Pastor James Coates 3:04:00 – 3:56:12
Expert Witness – Pastor Grace Life Church
His testimony provides insights into his
experiences with government and the
judicial system while trying to keep true to
his faith and congregation.
Dr. Erik Payne 4:38:13 – 6:23:20
Expert Witness – Pediatric Neurologist
Excellent presentation detailing the actual
statistics about covid and highlighting the
dangers of the vaccine to children. His
letters and discussions around the
ineffectiveness of the vaccine resulted in his
loss of medical teaching privileges and

John Carpay 6:23:42 – 7:28:00
Expert Witness - President of Justice Centre
for Constitutional Freedoms
Testimony on how the JCCF has been
representing many persons in the legal
system regarding the covid mandates and
their recommendations for changes to
Dr. Jonathan J. Couey 7:40:02 – 8:58:50
Lay Witness - Academic Neurobiologist
A detailed presentation on what
coronavirus is, how PCR cannot detect this
specific virus and how difficult it is for
coronaviruses to replicate as a ‘deadly
Sierra Rotchford 8:59:20 – 9:22:55
Lay Witness - Paramedic
Excellent detail of the kind and volume of
calls in 2020 and 2021. Also discussed the
strain on ambulance services after
mandates were in place.
Grace Neustaedter 9:23:17 – 9:41:08
Lay Witness – Clinical Nurse Specialist
Testified how the staff at the her clinic did
not question a rushed vaccine and were
very intolerant of anyone not getting
vaccinated. She subsequently retired early

knowing she would lose her job. Also
discussed family and church situations.
Suzanne Brauti 9:41:38 – 9:59:20
Lay Witness
After several years of financial and physical
hardship, she got a much needed job with
the federal government in July 2019. She
tried to receive a religious exemption, was
denied and subsequently lost her job
causing her further financial stress and
Darcy Harsch 9:59:52 – 10:12:58
Lay Witness – Manager of Group Home for
Disabled Adults
He had previously suffered a stroke that was
misdiagnosed leaving him with physical
disabilities. Due to this, he was reluctant to
get the vaccine and consequently lost his
job. He and his wife moved to Alberta and
he was able to find work in another field.
Jennifer Curry 10:13:17 – 10:40:55
Lay Witness
Severe vaccine injury.
Shawn Buckley 10:41:07 – 10:44:27
Lawyer – Closing Remarks

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