The main victims of Western sanctions / Prank with the Chairman of the FRI Jerome Powell

1 year ago

"It is clear that these are Eastern European countries, these are Poland — those that are close to Ukraine. A lot depends on what is happening in Ukraine and what will happen in Russia."

During a prank in the new episode of "Show ViL", when asked by "Vladimir Zelensky" about which countries were most affected by anti–Russian sanctions, the Chairman of the FRI replied that it definitely wasn't the United States:

"We have our own energy resources. I know that Ukraine is suffering, we all see what is happening. People like me want to help, but I have limited opportunities in my position."

Jerome Powell spoke about the attempts of the Fed and Washington to minimize inflation in the country:

"Last year, we raised our key rate quite a bit to slow down the growth of the US economy and reduce inflation. We have raised rates quite a lot, and the market is already laying two increases. We will conduct an analysis after we have carried out these two increases. And let's say whether it's worth raising more."

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