National Citizens Inquiry | Red Deer Day 1

National Citizens Inquiry | Red Deer Day 1

Red Deer Day 1 – April 26

Shawn Buckley 1:00:00 - 1:31:00
Lawyer – Opening Remarks
Joelle Valliere 1:31:03 – 2:02:45
Lay Witness - Funeral Director/Embalmer
Severe Vaccine Injury and some insight into
changes she has seen in embalming.
Catherine Christensen 2:03:25 – 3:20:30
Expert Witness – Litigation lawyer
representing military
The coercion, bullying tactics including
discharge from service used by the military
brass against those who did not want to be

Danny Bulford 3:36:42 – 4:46:10
Lay Witness – former RCMP Emergency
Services Support Team
He resigned from the RCMP due to vaccine
mandates and why he has lost his trust in
the upper levels of the RCMP

Dr. Gregory Chan 5:32:03 – 6:39:15
Expert Witness – Family physician
The process and roadblocks in submitting
numerous adverse reaction reports and his
experience with a patient who had a

Sunje Peterson 6:40:05 – 6:58:30
Lay Witness – owner of resort business
How lockdowns and mandates affected her
business and inability to visit family
Tracy Walker 6:58:36 – 7:13:15
Lay Witness - hairstylist
Being self employed, when lockdowns were
enforced she lost all income and husband
lost his for several months. Their house was
foreclosed on and she was forced to limit
her insulin intake as they had no money.
Judy Soroka 7:13:26 – 7:21:55
Lay Witness – Retired nurse
Due to vaccine mandate, she was unable to
access medical treatment that she needed
for chronic pain from a previous back injury.
Dean Beaudry 7:35:40 (sound starts at
7:35:52) – 8:47:20
Expert Witness – Risk Management
With his extensive background in risk
management, he presented a risk analysis
of covid in comparison to the policies and
mandates issued.

Colin Murphy 8:47:41 – 9:13:18
Lay Witness – Produces large scale sporting
events and music festivals
Lockdowns and mandates severely
impacted his business both then and for the
foreseeable future.
Kyrianna Reimer 9:13:50 – 9:36:30
Lay Witness – was a nursing student, works
in finance now
She was unable to complete nursing school
due to vaccine mandate. Her negative
experiences throughout this has affected
her trust in the medical field.
Leah Cottam 9:36:50 – 9:55:15
Lay Witness – Farmer/Administrator
Vaccine Injury.
Jacques Robert 9:55:43 – 10:21:58
Lay Witness – Property Management
Lost his job due to vaccine mandate.
Sherry Strong 10:22:10 – 10:47:05
Lay Witness - Alberta Health Director for
Children’s Health Defence Canada
She spoke on the treatment that her elderly
patients received in hospital because they
weren’t vaccinated.
Shawn Buckley 10:47:07 – 10:48:46
Closing Remarks

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