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Dr. Rima Laibow is a TOP Whistleblower who KNOWS what is happening on the inside. Her predictions have been 100% correct. Her husband, General Albert Stubbledine was murdered and there have been several attempts on her life.

How can 196 Countries sign up to kill their own people?

Dr. Rima explains.

"Through injunction, injection and indoctrination - it will not be possible for the man of the future to have an independent thought." Global Elite - Bertrand Russell

Looks like they are executing the agenda.

The sheep will be culled.

This is an interview with Alex Jones on 4/19/2023.

It's time for the culling of the useless eaters. Which is 90% of the population.

This has been a very LONG-TERM PLAN.

Dr. Rima says the Bilderberg's are just Middle Management, the Source of this master evil agenda comes from the Rockefeller - John Sr. and Jr. They are ruthless, psychopathic eugenicists.

The movement in the 19th century was called Fabian Socialism, today we call it Globalism.

They use Predatory Philanthropy to shape every aspect of the world.

They wanted to destroy the very fabric of reproduction, so in 1951 as part of their eugenics program they created the Population Council by John D Rockefeller III and Allen Dulles.

Rockefellers helped to teach Hitler, how to control the minds of the masses. It was how to deceive an entire population.

Rockefeller money funded both Hitler and the Bolshevik Revolution.

They have no love for any country but for full world spectrum dominance.

Fabian Socialist Bertrand Russell said "Rebelling against our takeover would be as ridiculous as sheep rebelling against the practice of eating mutton." These "globalists" do not see us as people. They see us as a herd to be controlled and culled.

The globalists paid for their science that would allow them to take control of our DNA, to turn us into the Internet of Things, their slaves . Now that they have the Genetic Manipulation Science, Pulsed Microwave 5G, and Nanotechnology the end game sterilization and culling has the green light.

Dr. Rima Laibow says we have to get out of the WHO - the World Holocaust Organization. The WHO is the descendant for the Rockefellers Institute for Health. They were created to become the World Dictatorship on the "Health" side.

What does Dr. Rima Laibow think of Trump? Not Much. He is a manipulator who will do anything for control, power and money. He is a puppet and will support any cause that he is told to. She says "he's the MOST Pro-Vaccine President we ever have had, allegedly with a vaccine injured child, what does that tell you?" "It tells you EVERYTHING you need to know."

Our society has been made sick with our fake healthcare system, which has nothing to do with health. We are merely cockroaches or medical experimental lab rats to the global elite.

Sick, unhealthy people are EASY to control as they buy into the healthcare system and go back and back and they take their kids for all those "healthy preventive vaccines" - which they do prevent health.
What are they planning next?

Only 4 people have ever died from Marburg, so Marburg is the next big thing? No.

Perhaps the 5G Pulsed Microwaves will be used as signals to the nanotechnology to emulate the symptoms of Marburg. Another fake pandemic with Fake PCR tests that can be easily manipulated.

The medical system began when Rockefeller started using petroleum and coal tar derivatives and bought the entire pharma industry in early 1900's and funded ALL "health" organizations with his tax free "philanthropic" funds to ensure the science was tightly controlled. Medicine was petroleum based with the objective of temporarily controlling a symptom while slowing making the patient ill with the onset of many more symptoms - the charade goes on and on till death by CANCER, Cognitive Diseases - Alzheimer's and Dementia, Heart Diseases - Strokes and Heart Attacks and the Children Vaccines are the most disheartening causing Seizures, Cancers, ADHD, Autism, Liver and Gastr complications, Autoimmune which is from the Live Unattenuated Viruses that house, incubate, proliferation in organs like Liver and Spleen -- thus how they have got away with this for 50 years knowing the dots will not be connected as it can take a decade for the viral load to bring about visible illness but now the ingredients are MUCH more dangerous.

The Eugenics Gates family was trained by the Rockefellers - so for anyone left believing all the vaccines that he funded were funded with healthy intentions needs to rethink that one.

Now they are weaponizing food and water. Not only that they are blocking food availability.

They do all of this in the guise of SAFETY under a medical dictatorship.

The only way to prevent this is to get out of the UN and WHO. They are Death Machines and the CDC, FDA and NIH are subsidiaries.

They all were created out of the Rockefeller system which includes all of the cabal members.

It was created to be the Death Star coming from the East over the horizon to kill us.

Trump said he wanted to leave the WHO, but he took that money, doubled it and gave it to Gavi Foundation who Bill Gates set up for vaccine market shaping. This is being a slimy deceitful snake.

Trump was also a supporter of Planned Parenthood and Pro-Abortion. Steve Bannon informed Trump that his supporters wouldn't like this, so he switched his position. Another deceitful move.

Trump is a self-interested person who will say and do anything to gain and maintain power. Saying he lacks principals is an understatement.

What does Dr. Rima Laibo think of Robert Kennedy Jr?

"He is well funded and well placed, and I am Extremely Skeptical." She says he might a Dark Horse for and might be controlled opposition.

What do the Globalists Fear the Most?

They fear the Numbers we have and they fear Independent Thinking.

That is why they are attacking our reproduction with vaccines and our brains with propaganda.

Propaganda is designed to create mass intentionality that they want to control. Intentionality creates reality.

In 2009 they were going to sterilize every man, women and child with Swine Flu Vaccines by adding the adjuvant Squalene but thankfully 3.5 Million people sent emails and letters to their representatives in just 11 days. The FDA took it down after 25 deaths.

How do we win? We have to be a louder influence on our politicians than those batshit crazy lunatics. Plain and simple, we the people have to wake the hell up and wake our politicians who are under the influence of those who have deleterious plans for humanity.

By the year 2030 they want 500 new mRNA Vaccines and they want them MANDATED and the conventional vaccines will be forced into every man, women and child.

They want total control.

They want total control of everything; finances, food, water, medicine and even the air we breathe.

People really have to wake up right now and realize this is a survival battle for our genes and humanity.

Say NO to the POISON.

Dr. Rima Laibow has never written a drug prescription, but she focuses on healing and curing.

To Learn how to take the actions needed, please visit the below site.

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