Red America First 04-20-23 meeting with Dan Hanley and Lucretia Hughes

10 months ago

Join us to hear from Captain Dan Hanley a former US naval aviator and retired United Airlines captain who flew over 20000 flight hours in 15 different aircraft over a 35-year aviation career span. He joins us now from Islamabad, Pakistan where he has lived the past thirteen years with his Pakistani wife where he currently serves as director and international public spokesperson for a global grassroots effort called 9/11 Pilot Whistleblowers whose website is at and YouTube channel at 911pilots. His organization claims that the 9/11 aircraft were not flown by Muslim hijackers but electronically hijacked and remotely controlled through employment of a system called the uninterruptible autopilot.

Visit 9/11 Pilot Whistleblowers Website →


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Lucretia C. Hughes received her Honors Graduate and Associate Degree in Business Management and Administration from ITT Technical College and is currently working as a Financial Professional. She is very active in her community, church, motivational and inspirational Speaker. She also is an advocate for her political affiliations. She was recently honored by Speak Up Georgia for her contributions to the upliftment and advancement of the Conservative Movement. She was also named to the Who’s Who Georgia Conservatives.

Lucretia is insurance licensed in Georgia and Virginia. An endorsement of Lucretia may not be representative of other’s opinion or experience.

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