Sit Down with Michelle | Day 3 Saskatoon | National Citizens Inquiry

1 year ago

Michelle Leduc Catlin concludes Day 3 of the Saskatoon hearings with a comprehensive sit-down summary. Michelle highlights the recurring themes that have surfaced from the hearings. Listen in as she takes the audience through a reflective journey, sharing the poignant stories of vaccine-injured witnesses, financial losses incurred by entrepreneurs, and insights from expert witnesses in fields such as law, medicine, scientific research, and electromagnetic frequencies.

Through her summary, Michelle emphasizes the gravity of the issues raised during the hearings and the need for a mindset shift to tackle these complex problems. Michelle underscores that unless we can break the spell that has ensnared us, we will be unable to address the challenges facing us. Overall, Michelle's summary provides a thought-provoking and insightful recap of the Saskatoon hearings.

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