Tucker Removed by Fox. Robert Kennedy Jr Against The Deep, Warfare, Woke, Industry-Captured State

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Fox News removes the only reason for watching Fox News, Tucker Carlson is out! Meanwhile the remarkable Robert Kennedy Jr. announces his 2024 presidential campaign. One need not agree with every word Kennedy spoke in a pellucid address almost two hours long, delivered extemporaneously, to grasp that, on the defining issues of our times, all of which Kennedy addressed in depth and detail, Robert F. Kennedy is right and righteous.

DAVID VANCE is one of the most outspoken, fearless political commentators in the UK and bears the scars for it. Having been in front-line politics as Deputy Leader of the UK Unionist Party for some years, he was delighted to oppose the anti-democratic Belfast Agreement and the Clintonian-Blair forces behind that. He even wrote a book about it all called “Unionism Decayed” (2008). David has been a successful businessman for decades and prides himself on his independence. He has turned in stellar appearances on ALL mainstream UK political programs, before being … cancelled. He doesn’t care! He and ilana mercer have joined forces to create the punch-in-the-gut HARD TRUTH channel. Contacts: https://gettr.com/user/davidvance & https://gab.com/DAVIDVANCE

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