Prompt Engineering & Holistic Vision: Fast-Track Workbook To Technical & Interconnected Thinking

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Foreword by Dr. Chandra Babu (BS, BS, BS, MS, MS, MS, PhD): Founder-Chancellor (Right Academy & Research Center) Multi-University Professor Worldwide Fortune 500 Consultant

Learn to quickly cultivate step-change in prompt engineering, whether you are a novice or veteran prompt engineer. Learn the fastest, most effective, efficient way to become a game-changer by using "Holistic Vision" ("the ability to see the foundation and interconnectivity of atmospheres"). By following the step-by-step, highly-engaging, and deceptively-simple strategies Dr. HermanSJr. outlines in this book, you will learn to transform your prompt engineering, as well as your entire thinking-foundation, so to become an unstoppable force in the industry as fast as possible.

Holistic Vision is the cutting-edge strategy that uses the power of "Psychological Strategy" and "The System of Interconnectivity" to overcome cognitive limitations by revamping your entire vision and mindset so you can learn to see what most other prompt engineers will never be able to see, so you can achieve unprecedented breakthroughs.

This book is not for those only wanting to learn quick prompts, quick lessons, quick remedies and cheatsheets to give them a crutch of trickery to use many simple and even advanced prompt engineering methods. This workbook is for those needing to be game-changers, agents-of-change in prompt engineering ensure to not merely learn the rudimentary, “sheeple”-targeted learning of simple and even advanced prompt engineering tactics with examples, but they ensure to learn the foundation underlying prompt engineering, the core of it, its essence.

This book is analogous to the famous story of the slow-moving animal racing against the fast-moving animal. In that story, the slow-moving animal wins the race. While the word “slow-moving” is inaccurate in the speed people go at who use this training for becoming a game-changer in prompt engineering, the parallel is accurate. Those who want “quick fixes” to do prompt engineering, or who think they can then miraculously get a ridiculously high-paying job in prompt engineering, are likened to the (seemingly) fast-moving animal; learning all the fast answers via videos, books, articles, and practices with ChatGPT, or any other platform/software. Those who are serious and need to be agents-of-change, disruptors in prompt engineering are likened to the (seemingly) slow-moving animal; learning the foundation, the the root-level, the foundation, the principle, the fundamental, the universal via this book for use with ChatGPT, or any other platform/software. These people are the ones who (to the uneducated) may seem to be going slower in the very beginning, but quickly capitalize on the understanding of strategies that will catapult them ahead of obstacles and competitors.

Another analogy is the famous story of the person who chose a salary of one million dollars in a lump sum and a second person who chose a salary of one penny doubled every day for 30 days (story told differently across cultures, but all variations have the same message). At first, to the uneducated, the first person would have a far better position; however, very quickly the second person would surpass the first in a profound way (starting by the twentieth day specifically). By thirty days the second person would have over five times the salary as the first, foolish person who merely relied on instant gratification, and to his detriment at that.

In relation to prompt engineering and this book, only the latter group of people are capable of being the game-changers in this extraordinarily fast-moving industry where so many are awakening to the exceptional (and scary) possibilities of ChatGPT, of Artificial Intelligence, of Machine Learning, of Natural Language Processing, as well as the unbelievably high quality-of-life benefits behind mastering prompt engineering (e.g. the extremely-high starting salary).

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