A Whole Bible, Paul's Teachings: Stepmother, Passover, Circumcision

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Bruce S. Bertram from The Word of God Ministries and http://www.wholebible.com takes some time to go through some of Paul's teachings and see if the current church view is biblical. Generally, it's not. Paul is frequently as a Christian when he wasn't. He said himself he was a model of a law-following Jew, and Christianity as we know it today didn't exist at the time. He knew His Messiah, which is a different matter entirely. He lived and taught the Law on a regular basis, referring to it often as a lifestyle and discipleship method.

Paul's teachings in this video are presented in the context of the Bible. Stepmother relations were frowned on because they were against the Law. Passover instructions are direct from the OT and not to be confused with the spurious teaching of communion. Circumcision needs to be rightly understood, because along with removing a piece of flesh we are also to circumcise our hearts and ears.

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