1on1 with Michelle | Marjaleena Repo | Saskatoon Day 2 | NCI

1 year ago

"This is not a matter of taking sides or playing politics; it is about recognizing and upholding the basic principles of humanity and human dignity."

NCI's Michelle Leduc Catlin recently conducted an interview with Marjaleena Repo, shedding light on the alarming lack of respect and care that elderly individuals have received during the COVID-19 pandemic. Repo, who is herself an elderly person, expressed concern over the neglect of wisdom and personal autonomy towards this demographic, calling on all institutions and individuals involved to take responsibility for their actions and issue apologies.

Repo shared her own experience of feeling ostracized, humiliated, and degraded due to not wearing a mask, despite having a pulmonary issue. Her harrowing experience is indicative of a larger issue of neglect and discrimination towards the elderly population during the pandemic. It is crucial for society as a whole to acknowledge and address these issues to ensure that all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, regardless of age or any other factors.

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