The Goyim Defense League are the logical result of Civil Rights (4-21-23)

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01:00 The Goyim Defense League,
02:00 The Eucalypti are an invasive species
10:00 The Goyim Defense League
33:00 Dennis and Julie,
42:00 The end of humanity,
48:00 Greg Johnson on Tucker Carlson on White Identity Politics
54:00 Decoding the Gurus: "Mini" Decoding of Matthew Goodwin,
1:09:00 Tucker Carlson
1:18:00 Social media is dominated by freaks,
1:24:00 Andy Nowicki analyzed,
1:26:00 Schizophrenia, &The Mandela Effect; Living On The Edge Of Insanity.
1:33:00 Disco 29 Simple Moves - You Should Be Dancing,
1:35:00 DTG: Oprah Winfrey: Self Actualising Your Destiny,
The volcano question:
Gerald Ford,
Reading Hitler's Mind, Prager: ‘The Bigger the Government, the Smaller the Citizen’,
Could It Happen Here?,
NYT: We Don’t Know What Will Happen Next,
"Buses have long been maligned in popular imagination. In movies and television shows, scriptwriters often have characters ride the bus to telegraph to viewers that they are facing tough times. On the HBO series Insecure, main character Issa Dee's downward spiral begins with her crashing her car and having to ride the bus. In the ultimate bus flick, Speed, Annie is on the bus because her driver's license has been revoked—for speeding. Why else would a nice girl like her be riding the bus in Los Angeles?"
SA: Extreme Views Are More Attractive Than Moderate Ones,
SA: How Stochastic Terrorism Uses Disgust to Incite Violence: Pundits are weaponizing disgust to fuel violence, and it’s affecting our humanity,
FT: The new Washington consensus: Yesterday’s US economic orthodoxy is today’s heresy,

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