National Citizens Inquiry | Saskatoon Day 2

National Citizens Inquiry | Saskatoon Day 2

Saskatoon Day 2 – April 21

Shawn Buckley 1:04:26 – 1:37:38
Opening Remarks
James Kitchen 1:37:40 – 2:55:43
Expert Witness - Lawyer
An analysis of why the courts and legal system have failed during the covid era.
Barry and Suzanne Thesen 2:56:20 – 3:32:50
Lay Witness
Barry suffered a vaccine injury.
Maria Gutschi 3:33:11 – 5:04:00
Expert Witness – Pharmaceutic Specialist
Regulatory process of mRNA vaccine approval and manufacturing steps involved.

Stephanie Foster 5:46:45 – 6:14:45
Lay Witness - Teacher Assistant
Vaccine Injured herself and mother died at pharmacist after getting her booster.
Ryan Orydzuk 6:14:03 – 7:27:55
Expert Witness – Occupational Health and Safety professional
Discusses the important role that employers played in forcing vaccine mandates in the
workplace and how it violated Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.
Adam Konrad 7:28:48 – 7:45:35
Lay Witness
Vaccine injury and father died not long after vaccination.
Elodie Cossette 7:46:13 – 8:02:45
Lay Witness – Direct Care Support Worker
Lost job due to vaccine mandate. Had two family members die from liver failure after
Steven Flippin 8:15:40 – 8:52:10
Lay Witness - Pastor
How mandates affected his church duties and congregation.
Charlotte Garrett 8:53:05 – 9:17:40
Lay Witness - Teacher
How mandates affected her, her ability to do her job and what was expected of her with
her interactions with her students.
Krista Hamilton 9:17:55 – 9:36:02
Lay Witness
Vaccine injury herself and also her son.
Bridgette Hounjet 9:36:28 – 9:56:26
Lay Witness – Federal Public servant
Psychological and emotional effects of vaccine mandates and being put on unpaid leave
for five months.
Kelcy Travis 9:57:07 – 10:07:35
Lay Witness
The effects of lockdown and mandates psychologically and financially.

Chantel Barreda -10:08:30 – 10:22:17
Lay Witness – Teacher
The mental and financial strain resulting from loss of job due to vaccine mandate.
Lee Harding 10:22:55 – 10:46:53
Lay Witness – Journalist
His experiences as a journalist for alternative media.
Shawn Buckley -10:46:54 – 10:47:18
Closing Remarks

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