RBH #9 National: Adrenochrome, Graphene Oxide & AOC Unhinged

1 year ago

RBH 9 local
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The sheer amount of news thrown at us these days can be overwhelming, this show is a news review looking at select national headlines from the past couple weeks. Awake not woke, opinions are not facts, make up your own mind. Source Links for all the headlines covered in this episode can be found in the credits at the end of the video presentation of this section


Two years after saying screw your freedoms Arnold Schwarzenegger apologizes, Chuck Norris joins Roseanne 's morning show, john Leguizamo doubles down boycotting new super mario movie, Jennifer Aniston defends friends from new generation, Will Smith says trump supporters must be monitored and cleansed, the view settles with Rittenhouse for 22 million and formal apology, Hollywood star Jim Caviezel admits elites traffic children for adrenochrome.

You can definitely tell that the tide is turning, more and more everyday people and even folks in the Hollywood spotlight are feeling more comfortable and coming out against multiple aspects of the Marxist agenda we are experiencing. Chuck Norris joining Roseanne's morning show symbolizes this act of patriots coming together to speak the truth, even though it's only on one subject her old show and she might not even know she's doing it Jennifer Aniston speaking out against retrograde cancel culture through time also symbolizes people standing together against the woke agenda.

But some people still don't get it, I don't even know what John Leguizamo's gripeing about. I guess just the fact that the new Mario movie doesn't have the designated quota of given racial identities in the voice actors, I mean the whole concept is from a Japanese video game portraying character of Italian descent. And Will Smith yeah there's not much to say about that maybe he's just nervous about Epstein's flight log being revealed or something, though Schwarzenegger's apology was barely an apology it was good to hear something from the guy I guess

The most significant in this section is Hollywood actor Jim Caviezel who played the role of Jesus in Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ, coming forward about his knowledge of Hollywood child trafficking and use of adrenochrome. His newest movie, ‘The Sound of Freedom’ is about that very topic. It's one of those uncomfortable things that nobody wants to talk about, but still it is a discussion that must be had, broadcast loud with full details of the horrifying things taking place. It must stop.

National Health

Long COVID is fake, FDA approves first over the counter naloxone nasal spray, maternity wards across America are closing down do the sudden plummet in births, Who bombshell one in six Americans are now infertile following jab rollout, Biden admin launches 5 billion initiative to develop new COVID vaccines, 21 year old college student athlete dies of cardiac arrest during soccer game, former NHL player dies of heart attack 38 years old, confidential adviser documents confirm graphing oxide in COVID jabs, decontaminating the blood from synthetic biology hydrogel with EDTA chelation.

As we covered in the local section the naloxone Band-Aid for the fentanyl epidemic is nationwide, much like the free needles passed out through most of California and other enabling states these tend to be failing strategies which encourage use. It is truly tragic to see the birth rates fall as a result of people being convinced to take the experimental mRNA treatments, the direct reaction to this fall in births is seen in the closing of maternity wards.

It's hard to say which is worse, the sudden drop in potential life, or the rampant loss of both young and old people duped into taking this drug. young deaths like the 21-year-old college athlete dying of cardiac arrest during a soccer game or the 38-year-old Former NHL player who also died from a heart attack recently. Many people old and young were Coerced, frightened and guilty tripped into a corner where they thought they had no other choice, relatives' friends and employers goading them into doing something they might have known was not in their best interests. And these damn shots work so well that Biden just launched a $5 billion initiative to design new ones.

The confidential Pfizer document confirming graphene oxide in the COVID shots makes for a perfect lead into the study on how to decontaminate the blood from the graphene hydrogel as the doctor explains.

Apart from clearing the blood of Hydrogel/ Graphene Structures which Vitamin C alone does not do, EDTA Chelation also removes toxic metals from the body, which is paramount to the Hydrogel microchip development and carries its own significant toxicity. This is how much toxic metals can be removed with one EDTA Chelation IV.

National Crime

Karinne Jean Pierre 's car accident and DUI, boys 12 and 17 charged with three murders in Florida, police arrest trans WF activists for attempting to murder hundreds of Christian kids, CBS staffer assaults independent journalists outside trump arraignment, Rand Paul staffer viciously knifed in DC by xcon pimp, 5th victim dies in Louisville bank shooting, can tucky bank shooter exposed as left wing extremist who hated trump and supported lockdowns, 1 billion plus riot damage most expensive in insurance history for BLM riots, comparisons made with storming Tennessee State capital.

the fact that the White House press secretary got an accident and got a DUI is slightly amusing, happy to hear she made it out safe and all, I'd imagine pulling that job off with a straight face requires a little drinking. it's tragic hearing about the 12- and 17-year-olds that committed the three murders in Florida, as well as the trans activist who was plotting to murder Christian kids, great to hear that she was apprehended before actually doing anything though.

the CBS staffer assaulting the independent journalist outside the trump arraignment seems in line with what we'd expect these days, I guess it is a little step up it's usually people in the crowd committing the violence, maybe they are running low on recruiting and the boots on the ground for the government run media organizations are having to pick up the slack. Sad to hear about Rand Paul's staffer getting stabbed, it doesn't seem like it was that long ago that Rand himself was tackled by his crazy Ass neighbor breaking some ribs, he must really rub those moon-bats the wrong way to get so much of this kind of attention.

the details coming out about the Kentucky bank shooting are disheartening, the fact that it was a left-wing trump hating extremist just further goes to show how out of touch our state ran media is with reality. People are going to have to start catching on, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a donkey, it's probably bullshit. The controversy about the crowd that committed the insurrection at the Tennessee State capital is definitely getting interesting, especially when you compare it in retrospect to J6 and the BLM summer of love. People must come to terms with reality and quit granting excuses and validations for incidents that are clearly violent in nature. That's not justice, it doesn't lead to justice, it leads to chaos and irreparable damage to our communities.

National Pulse

attorney general Merrick Garland says it's too early to call Nashville shooting a hate crime, video man through this around 200K it was owed money at his car in Oregon, Oregon governor passes law suspending math and reading proficiency requirements, Disney viewers are left scared by background actors filled with AI bots, Michael Jordan turned down $120 million ad campaign with Disney, man plugs his 115K electric Hummer in to charge on Sunday finds out it won't be done until Friday, who are the rich white men institutionalizing transgender ideology?, girl straddled by a drag queen sparks outrage in North Carolina school, Anheuser-Busch distributors across America are spooked by a backlash to transgender campaign, Joe Rogan slammed by fans for defending bud light transgender beer, Kid Rock blast bud light for partnering with trans activist, Elon Musk and Kid Rock will be Co-hosting a concert called the bud light funeral, Elon Musk takes a swipe at Zuckerberg offers to buy Facebook and fix it, Musk removes verified check mark from the New York Times main account, Twitter incorporated no longer exists is now X Corp, Elon Musk slams transgender therapy for minors.

I think the big theme reemerging in this section is the concept of going woke resulting in the reality of going broke, as far as I've heard Budweiser has lost round 6 billion for its foray into the gender ideology promotion. I forget exactly how much Disney has lost for similar things, but Michael Jordan knows I'm sure he knows, he doesn't want any part of that anymore. This wasn't 20 years ago with space jam where he was hanging tight with the classic Warner Brothers characters Nope, he made it very clear he wants no part of the mouse house.

I think Kid Rock made it pretty clear about his stance on woke beer, you can't really be any clearer than busting the cap in that frothy goat piss. I mean everybody knows it's kind of gross and in no way compared to a microbrew, I guess it is low in alcohol volume and taste and calories maybe hence the light, maybe now they add estrogen or something who knows.

Elon Musk was just as clear with his statement on what should happen to parents and doctors who are complacent in the castration of healthy children, a death penalty is not a light suggestion, but forcing your gender politics on a young child in a way that ruins their life is a serious act, reeking of mental illness and misguided virtue. just because everyone's doing it, doesn't mean it should be done, and in this case it's not everyone doing it it's just our demon parrot media system trying to make it seem like it's the social norm.

National Technocracy

Silicon Valley private school giving kids AI tutors quietly created by open AI, BuzzFeed caught using woke AI to write its articles, U.S. military building its own metaverse, the Pentagon launched another space agency do we need it?, the Pentagon inches towards letting AI control weapons.

Letting AI tutor and teach our children is dangerous, is it much more dangerous than the woke curriculum being pushed in our school systems though? with the curriculum at least there are records of what is being taught, like the raunchy books that you see so many parents reading to blushing bashful school board members who just can't take the heat of the LGBT romance novels and or picture books. How will AI do this, will they teach prewritten woke lesson plans? Or will they just make them U on the family, progressing to the ultimate divisive standpoint where our youth sides against their parents and humanity itself fully indoctrinated by our robot overlords.

BuzzFeed uses AI to write articles in response to economic downturn from going woke or being woke I guess is a sad reality or a necessary step that will lead to business failure. The reduction of human staff writing articles as a result of declining readership, so the solution is to cut costs and have AI play a more prevalent role in creating content. They claim that the AI generated content is not as robust as their previous better staffed human content, but does it really matter since they were bleeding viewers due to poor content choices in the first place, can no one tell the difference between a real tree falling in the woods and an artificial tree falling in the woods if no one's there to see it?

So, all the wired stuff is behind a paywall, I will do my best to guess what they're talking about by the headlines. The US military is building its own metaverse, what would they ever use that for? I guess it could make it more interesting for drone pilots. Or maybe other training scenarios? Either way it's got to be better than the Zucker Bucks version.

I don't get why the Pentagon launched at other space agency, perhaps space force doesn't trust their shenanigans and won't let them play with the space force toys. It might be a sign of desperation or just poor decision making, much like the headline of the Pentagon inching towards letting AI control weapons. It's bad enough that we're letting AI tutor our kids and right our fake news, all we need are these Jack Moss creating a Cyberdyne situation with AI and control of WMD 's. it's unlikely that these people have not seen at least one Terminator movie, how can they be so dense about something so simple on a conceptual level.

National Disaster

Derail drain and Montana spilled Coors Light and blue moon beer into the countryside, Arkansas woman films as tornado strikes building, she is in, Richmond IN fire latest more than 2000 people told to evacuate, at least 18,000 cows killed in explosion at Texas dairy farm.

The derailed beer train in Montana has to be the but of all national disaster jokes, I guess at least they spilled cores and not bud light, or it might have some kind of impact on fish habitat in the local streams. Tornadoes are no laughing matter, nothing to joke about and the video the woman posted from inside the building is absolutely horrifying.

The fire at the Richmond IN plastic plant it's definitely significant, forcing the evacuation of 2000 or so nearby residents. It can't be good to have all that going into the atmosphere as well, nasty nasty stuff especially if it just goes up into the clouds and rains back down on you in the next couple days or weeks or reins on someone else it all goes somewhere.

I think the strangest disaster in this section though has to be the cattle ranch explosion, I think the guy in the video said it best. That if you can't tell that our infrastructure, our very way of life, our livelihood and ability to provide for ourselves and our families is under attack, then you really aren't paying attention. Maybe people will wake up when there's no steaks and bacon on the shelves. Or maybe they'll just bite into that fake synthetic Bill Gates mystery beat, pumped full of mRNA goodness.

National Muzzle

Biden prepping an army of social media influencers to purge the Internet of conspiracy theories, executive order 14067 ensuring responsible development of digital assets, biden's state department to begin shutting down websites that allow free speech Senate bill 686 Gibbs WEF full control over America gives citizens 20 years in prison for dissenting.

With the headlines above combined, the muzzle will be strapped on the free minded American with little room for breath or wandering from the globalist path. That is of course if they come to fruition, if we look back most of Biden's shoot from the hip freedom hating antics have come out with fearful announcements but in the end they just kind of splat like Rotten Tomatoes against America's defensive wall which is its constitution.

Remember the Bureau of disinformation or whatever that was called, how did that end? Do you think the CBDC digital asset might have a similar fate, launched out of potato cannon only two disintegrate on impact when it is legally challenged? Or how about the COVID vaccine mandates, how did they turn out? Do you think Senate bill 686 allowing wef control of American citizens we'll fare any different, will the American people just roll over and take it? I don't think so, I think these people are desperate. Desperation is caused by so many people not buying into the centralized state ran media, parrots on so many networks with cheesy news voices and that weird emphasis on their name.

With people not buying into the national news ran by the corporations in collusion with three letter agencies and the government itself in many cases, the people that turned elsewhere two smaller podcasts and other independent news not sold out to the international bankers the cabal the Gazarian mafia or whatever else may be lurking behind the curtains.

What would that even look like? An army of social media influencers purging the Internet of conspiracy theories, all while citizens can receive 20 years in prison for dissenting the ridiculous details within the Marxist globalist agenda. it won't work there aren't that many of these people, their views are not popular, with people turning their heads from the legacy media this small group of evil entitled people do not stand a chance. There will be shenanigans, who knows what they might do. But in the end, it will fail, because with every step they take forward the world wakes up just a little bit more.

National politics

goodbye general mark Millie, Pelosi refers to Hillary Clinton as president, Democrats dealt another blow third lawmaker leaves party, Florida begins executing pedophiles, Republicans and Democrat leaders in red states weigh in on Newsoms southern tour, DeSantis joins trump in threatening to defund FBI and DOJ chaos erupts as Democrats are voted out of Tennessee legislature, New York grand jury indicts Donald Trump, Trump warns America is going to hell following his arrest, judge overseeing trump's sham case exposed as Democrat mega donor, Why did Alex Soros visit the Biden White House 14 times? AOC caught using burner account to incite unhinged trans people to murder conservative people.

There is a lot going on in this section so I think we're just gonna pick the juiciest little story which appears to be the AOC burner account from what I can tell. Representative Cortez appears to have been caught using a burner Twitter account under the name Zaza Demon to troll and harass people on the Internet and incite transgender people to murder conservative journalists.

It all started to unravel after the founder of libs of TikTok went to Congress and served an ethics complaint on AOC for lying about her in a committee hearing. But AOC wasn't round when the libs of TikTok founder made it to her office and served the complaint, fortunately not knowing what she looked like AOC stopped to talk with her in the hallway only to become quickly triggered when she figured things out stating that she couldn't stand to be in her presence because she was such a transphobe or whatnot.

This only served as a Catalyst event, when another TikTok content creator called AOC out on her unending hypocrisy, AOC for some reason decided to respond using her burner Zaza Demon account but talking in first person. Until she realized her idiotic mistake and deleted comments blocked the user, deleted thousands of tweets and eventually the account itself.

But it was too late, the word was already out, and I guess other people had taken screenshots before the account was deleted. Examples of the Zaza demon account inciting violence on people such as Matt Walsh rapidly surfaced, along with reactionary comments and 34,000 people liking a tweet that wished Matt Walsh was dead.

It is highly unlikely that this is the kind of story that the mainstream oligarchy media will validate in any way shape or form, unless they are somehow forced or compelled to do so. But from what I have seen the possibility of this situation being true seems not only possible but quite likely

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