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4/20/23 SPECIAL Thursday Throwdown - Election Year PSYOP Season

Election Year Psyop season has started... We will see more RACIAL psyops because they want to create chaos & riots to distract from all the TRUTH thats coming out exposing the corrupt system. Ralph Yarl is a complete psyop as all the networks fan the flames of "white racism" and black victimhood ... THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS CORRUPT, They created a FAKE PANDEMIC to overthrow the government to install Joe Biden to push the Deep State/NWO plan to destroy America & take away our God given rights. We see we have a kangaroo court with your judicial system , the rule of law is no longer enforced.

1.Eating Free at Walmart black girls record themselve with their bastard kids eating in Walmart

2.Thots Twerking for Plan B

3. Black women chaos at Oakpark Gas Station in Chicago

4 Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson doubles down on his defense of the teen rioters who looted and beat citizens

5. Chicago Interracial couple that was attack speak for 1st time

6. The LGBTQIA agenda & the UN child trafficking

7. You were governed by a European country for so long. You should've learned how things work.” “ You went backward instead of forwards.” This Asian man is spitting

8. Here multiple videos of Black youth ringing doorbells with guns, robbing at gunpoint

9. Four dead, 15 more wounded in shooting at birthday party in small Alabama town

10. 3, including 2 teens, arrested in Alabama deadly Sweet 16 birthday party shooting

11. Homeowner charged in Kansas City shooting of Black teen Ralph Yarl

12. CNN got this grand kid is disgusting, turning on his family like that with ZERO facts and a plethora of anecdotal remarks to push the racial psyop

14. Parents horrified by footage of middle school ‘licking game’ with staff, students

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