The Way of The Generator Part 2/4 by Ra Uru Hu

1 year ago

Ra Uru Hu takes us deep into the Sacral, exploring its Gates and Channels through animation and original footage.
In San Diego, during May 2002, Ra Uru Hu held a special two-day workshop exclusively for Generators during which he took them on a journey through all the Sacral Gates, i.e. those Gates that are the heart of what makes a Generator a Generator. This film is a rare and exclusive record of this unique event.

Ra's insights into each of the Sacral Gates has been brought to life with great clarity and depth through animation and graphic technology. This top quality film makes Ra's teaching that much easier to understand and so much more entertaining and digestible than in any other format. Some would say better than being there in person! With a DVD you can absorb the knowledge in your own time, without fear of missing some vital gems or failing to grasp the more complex concepts straight away.

4 hours of film - rich with graphics.

Part 2 of 4.

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