81. Question Boldly Part I of IV, Flat Earth Dave

Today I talk with Dave Weiss or ‘Flat Earth Dave’ as he is know. As we go down this road of looking for truth we must question everything with boldness without fear of what we may learn or see. We must look at all things objectively and determine what we believe is the truth. However, some things we may never really know until we can ask our Creator.
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81. Question Boldly Part I, Flat Eath Dave

Dave Weiss: [00:00:00] Why? Why would they do it? Why would they do it?

Dave Weiss: How would they do it, right? Why? A, you're at the Center of Creation. The globe is a prison for your mind. They want to trap you. It's this. This is here. The bottom line is this is a spiritual war. They want your soul and they fishing for it with the Soul Lure system.

Nurse Kelly: Welcome to after hours with Dr. Sigoloff, where he can share ideas and thoughts with you. He gets to the heart of the issue so that you can find the truth. The views and opinions expressed are his and do not represent the US Army, d o d, nor the US government. Dr. Sigoloff was either off duty or unapproved leave, and Dr. Sigoloff was not in uniform at the time of recording now to Dr. Sigoloff.

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Dr. Sam Sigoloff: His name is Dave Weiss. He is known as Flat Earth Dave. Now as I understand, cuz I've watched quite a few of your, your interviews, you were in a very different place, not [00:02:00] too long.

Dave Weiss: Yeah, we all, yeah, absolutely. We all have the same story, but continue.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And, and so once, if I remember right, you had said, and it just, it shocks me cuz I'm, you know, if we talked two years ago about, let's say food, I would've been in a similar place.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Like, no, you gotta eat your veggies. You gotta eat your fruit. And you were, I think it was in 2015, you had said that and correct me if I'm wrong, but you had said the earth is round and you refused to look at it, and then all of a sudden you kicked that door open and, and

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: here, You

Dave Weiss: know, basically every, every flat earth researcher or level earth, true earth, whatever you want to call it, you know, flat Earth has been weaponized, weaponized like conspiracy theory.

Dave Weiss: But I, I embrace it. We all have the same story. It, we, we, even though, you know, I was a, I am a truth seeker. I did a podcast called Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole, looking at all the conspiracies. I'd look at anything and analyze it. I'm a conspiracy analyst, not a theorist, okay? And when Flat Earth came [00:03:00] up, I'm like, I'm not looking at that.

Dave Weiss: It's stupid. That's not worth my time. And that's what we've all been programmed to do. And then refuse, refuse, refuse. And then my good friend, Sophia, small Storm, another deep researcher, you know, she did nine 11 mysteries. And unraveling Sandy Schnuck will say, That she's like, David, I think the earth is flat.

Dave Weiss: And I, and that I was like, are you kidding me? And then I I went in with a closed mind. I went in, you know, when you investigate something, you say, okay, what is this? And you look at the facts. I went in going flat, earth is stupid. The globe is real. Let me prove it. Let me disprove flat earth and prove the globe.

Dave Weiss: And that's how you become a flat earth there.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And that's interesting because you know, we talked a little bit beforehand and, and I'm not convinced one way or the other. Totally. I think I watched your, many of your, your shows and I'm like, man, that makes so much more sense. Like the one that really gets me, and I've had this thought since what, fifth [00:04:00] grade, since I've heard about it, where you have those two oiss and they're, you know, 500 miles, miles, miles away.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Miles or some miles. Yeah, yeah. Some ridiculous distance. How in that time did they know that it's the same time of day? Because,

Dave Weiss: well, they had they had they had a tin can with a string and they pull it really tight and they were talking to each other through the tin ham.

Dave Weiss: Did you wait for high noon?

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: If you wait for high noon? High noon is whether it's flat around, it's the same time.

Dave Weiss: Well, no, no, no, no. If he's east or west, high noon is, you know, that much mileage different. You have to wait for the earth to rotate. Right. So as you walk west at getting earlier,

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: but high noon for each person, 500 miles apart will be, the shadows will be the same

Dave Weiss: at high noon.

Dave Weiss: But that's, but high noon isn't the same time for each of them. Right. He's 500 miles away. Hours later. It's, it's 30 minutes. Different time.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Yeah. And then, you know, an hour or however long, [00:05:00] 30 minutes like you said, then it's high noon here. And so how do you transmit the voice that, hey, measure now? When it's been a 30 minute lapse of time.

Dave Weiss: Right. And how did they measure it? They, they measured it by you know, by what? He counted his steps, right? Yeah. That he counted his steps, you know, and the, for those of you that don't know, aristo, these, you know, figured out the severity of the earth by measuring these two posts a mile apart. I mean, now I'm 500 miles apart and his had no, no shadow right here, here, Aris Southeast is right here, and here's his buddy, and he can measure the length of the shadow, do some great math and perfectly good calculus.

Dave Weiss: And you know, there, that gives you the shape of the earth, you know, and Carl Sagan he wound that into our heads in the, in the show Cosmos, you know, like, oh, Arisso, these did it, you know? But the truth is on a, on a close. On a flat earth with a close son. Here's Aristos. Here's his buddy. Here's the [00:06:00] stick shadow.

Dave Weiss: It's the same, same equation. We'll figure out that the ity of that flat table. I don't know if you you know, I'm a little older than you. Cosmos was big when I was in college and Carl Sagan was there and this was a big episode. And he is talking about the sticks and shadows and how if the only, if the earth is curved, can one have a shadow on the other one not.

Dave Weiss: But that's not true on a, on a flat earth with a local sun. It works perfectly fine and you could just do a little experiment yourself. Here's two beer bottles. A light is above this one. There's no shadow and there's a shadow over here. You can do some math. Figure out the ity of this flat floor, okay?

Dave Weiss: Math is not reality.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Well, you can make numbers, say whatever you want them to say. As we've seen with Right medicine recently. And basically look back at any research project and, and I was speaking to a guy who went to a master's [00:07:00] program and he said, yeah, we learned how to manipulate numbers to say whatever we wanted them to say.

Dave Weiss: You know, you know what's funny? People are so lazy that when they hear the Arisso thing, they're like, oh, you know, that makes sense. And Carl Sagans said it, and, oh, oh, great. But then if you could look back and you say, okay, Arisso 2000 years ago, figured out this ity of the earth, the, the size makes him a pretty famous mathematician.

Dave Weiss: But all of the mathematicians that wrote books for the next 20th centuries. Never mentioned their asos. Okay. That's like you know, writing a history of the Chicago Bulls and leaving out Michael Jordan. The only book, the fir the, the oldest book we can find, was it published in the 19 hundreds? Wait a minute, nine.

Dave Weiss: It took them, you know, 1900 years to write a book about this famous experiment that doesn't prove anything. And then the other thing is, back then the Greeks believed in a geocentric earth, whether globe or flat, we could argue all day, but they believed [00:08:00] in a geocentric earth with a sun circling the earth.

Dave Weiss: Well, how do you have a distant sun? We call it an infinitely far sun because it's so far away that the le the rays come in parallel, right? But two things. One, how do you have a tiny little earth with a distant, giant sun circling the earth? Makes no sense. And the other thing is, nobody has ever seen parallel rays ever.

Dave Weiss: Ever. There are no parallel arrays ever. So what made Arisso think that this impossible giant sun at an infinite distance is circling around a tiny little speck, globular earth? The story doesn't hold up. It's nonsense. But people don't want to use their brains and actually think it through and look at the evidence.

Dave Weiss: Aristo, these proves the earth is flat if you ask me.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Well, I, and, and again, I'm looking from that, that, you know, half in, half out of the door, I think it's, it's a wash, [00:09:00] it's a null hypothesis that's proven because you can't, cuz if, if the sun is closer, like you're saying, if it is, which you know, We could say we, we don't know.

Dave Weiss: I can go outside. I could show that it's not far. Yeah. Go

Dave Weiss: outside and look up at the sun. Look at the sun with a clear head. Where is it? Okay. I was watching the sunset yesterday. Go watch the sun at sunset. If you have a, if you're near water or a nice flat area go watch the sunset where you can really look at it and ask yourself, how far is that?

Dave Weiss: Forget what men have told you, what the Rockefellers have forced you to memorize from their ridiculous textbooks. And ask yourself, how far is that sucker? Right. And you know, I ask myself, I like, I think the sun that we see is literally less than a hundred miles away. Oh, wow. I put, but that's the sun that we see and it, the, that gets into a much longer, a longer discussion, but the sun that we see is very, very, very close.[00:10:00]

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Yeah, that, that's an interesting idea because I mean, these pictures you're showing here, it shows that it, those are not parallel rays you can see. Yeah. In the same picture. Those are not parallel and they should be. Right. Then physics, physics in high school, they, we calculated everything as well. We just take the light source and say that it's so infinite in a way that all of the razor parallel, but that, that's not parallel.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: I can see they're not parallel.

Dave Weiss: Yeah. You know, if you watch if people say, well, how does the sunset and and this is a simple way, this is that magnifying glass represents the atmosphere and as this guy moves the, the sun away, let's go move it away. And you can see he's just moving it away and it literally sets below.

Dave Weiss: Hold on, I'll go again. Sorry about that. It'll set below the table.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: This is a sphere on a fixed height platform being moved away [00:11:00] on a flat plane. Yep. And it looks like it's going down.

Dave Weiss: It looks like it's going down

Dave Weiss: right.

Dave Weiss: And, and you know, people don't understand, you know, perspective first, you know, here are streetlights, they're all at the same level, flat road,

Dave Weiss: but it looks like they're going down. Here's the sun, or

Dave Weiss: just going and going and it looks like it's going down and it's just due to perspective. And then you have the atmospheric deck, which is all compressing and literally becomes opaque.

Dave Weiss: It appears to be at, at eyesight, at eye, at hor, at the horizon. And then the sun just goes beyond it. Let me just, lemme show you my, my flat earth kitchen. So this line represents the path for the sun, and I'm moving the sun across. We're watching it from a celestial point of view. That means I'm watching it from the height of the sun.

Dave Weiss: And you could see that whether this is clouds, a city, [00:12:00] skyline, mountains, it's. It doesn't go, it's leveled. Now I have a terrestrial camera on the counter at the other end watching the same thing. So we'll watch it from a terrestrial point of view. Same thing. Look at this line. If I said to you, is this line level, what would you say?

Dave Weiss: You're like, no, it's sloping down. And I'm like, is this sun going below B? Behind or below this thing? That looks like it's kind of at eye level, it's not right, and it's just going away. Now look at this line. This line is level. This sun is moving away level, right? And this looks like it's at eye level cuz everything merges to your eye level.

Dave Weiss: Here's a real sunset compared to my kitchen. What's it going behind here? Now that could be mountains, but it's actually the atmospheric deck of opacity. And if

Dave Weiss: I zoomed out the space between

Dave Weiss: where that sun is getting eclipsed and the water will literally just become one point, it'll become a, a line.[00:13:00]

Dave Weiss: I'm zoomed in on this.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: I have a question for you. I was asked by a friend to ask you this Yeah. From the Navy. And she wanted me to ask you and I think you're kind of explaining it here, but it's, so when you're in a, in a submarine and you're on the tower and then you look through the periscope, you can see further from the periscope, then you can from standing on the tower, cuz it, the periscope stands up taller.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Now I think what you just showed, I think that explained some of it, but can you, do you have more on that?

Dave Weiss: Yeah. Yeah. So, People think you're, you're taught that, you know, cause you're higher, you can see over the curve of the ball. It's not, that's not, that may or may not be true, but the ball's so big, you know how much higher you have to go to see how much farther.

Dave Weiss: When you are looking out at the angular size you have an a, it's called the angular resolution limit of your eyes. So when when I look down at the floor, six feet below me, I see the length of the floor. But as it goes away, the floor rises and rises and rises and it keeps trying to [00:14:00] get up to my eye level, right?

Dave Weiss: And there becomes a point where there's a horizon. Now, if the earth was a ball 24,901 miles around, I'm six feet tall, standing at the edge of calm water, I should not be able to see the surface of that water beyond three miles, cuz there's a six foot drop of three miles. So the water. The water, I should not be able to see behind it because there's a physical horizon, just like it's blocking my mouth right now.

Dave Weiss: You can't see cuz there's a physical horizon, right? But on a flat earth, on a flat earth, the horizon is optical. And I'm gonna show you that a horizon is optical, right? So if you get up higher, you're just increasing the angle, your

Dave Weiss: angle of you, and it allows you to see farther, right? A snake on the floor in the Home Depot can't see as far as you standing up, looking out, right?

Dave Weiss: Because that everything rises up to high level and then it [00:15:00] mirages from there, right?

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: If I was, if I was on a round earth, yeah, I still shouldn't be able to see significantly farther, unless I, I go significantly higher, right?

Dave Weiss: On a round earth. Look at this. So if you're watching the sunset, if you're watching the sunset over the calm water, On a round earth, that sun should merge with the water three miles from you because you can't see the surface of the water any farther because it's dropping, the earth is dropping away.

Dave Weiss: So where you see the sun intersecting, the water is three miles away. You ever witnessed that? No. When you look at the sun, it's like, I don't know, is it 30 miles away? 20 miles away? 50, a hundred? It's not three. Okay. But then there's a lot of stuff that goes on. Let me show you, I'm trying to find a specific video.

Dave Weiss: So this boat is sitting there. As I zoom out, this boat becomes too small for you to see. Now, if I went up, I might be [00:16:00] able to see it without zooming in because I, I'm increasing my angular size. So literally the bottom of the boat, the bottom of a building will disappear before the top of the building due to its, has the lowest angular.

Dave Weiss: Size from your eyes, right? Anything beyond 0.02 degrees is too small for your eye to see. The formula there is anything that's 3000 times as far as its diameter is impossible to say. So if you had a penny 3000 pennies away, you couldn't see it cuz its angular size is too small. If you had something a mile wide, a mile wide, 3000 miles, I gotta look into that cuz you can't see 3000 miles that's, that's the problem.

Dave Weiss: Like a basketball line up 3000 basketballs, you won't be able to see the last one. Okay.

Dave Weiss: [00:17:00] You with me?

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: No. With, with, with that, if we could look at like a star. Because, you know, I mean, stars are big, but we're told they're much further away than, than 3000 times the right diameter.

Dave Weiss: Right? Well, so, so here, here's the other thing.

Dave Weiss: Let, I just wanna show you a, a couple things here. Now, you see this boat here, these waves in front of this boat are hiding the bottom half of the boat. And if you zoom out, you don't really see those waves, right? But these waves are hiding the boat. And if that boat went a little bit farther, you wouldn't be able to see it, okay?

Dave Weiss: You wouldn't be able to see it because it would just, the, the boat would be getting smaller and those waves in the foreground are staying the same sides. I think this is the one I wanna show you. So here's this sailboat, and you got these waves in front of it, and it, you keep losing part of the boat. You zoom out, someone's gonna say, oh, that's just, it's b below the curve.

Dave Weiss: It's not, it's behind the waves. And if [00:18:00] there's no waves, there's atmospheric there's moisture in the air and. And it, it all just blocks everything down low. So I'm trying to find a, find one where I have a, there's another, oh, here we go. So look at this boat way in

Dave Weiss: the distance. It's still there on the horizon.

Dave Weiss: It's way past that boat. Okay. But I can still see it. And if you look carefully, you can still see the water beyond that other boat. Zoom out. They all disappear. Okay.

Dave Weiss: It's. As flat as can be. It's so no boats on the horizon. Zooming in, zooming in, zooming in. Oh, there's a boat. Just comes outta nowhere. Okay.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: It just seems like it just appears at one point.

Dave Weiss: It, it does. That's that's because this is how our eyes work. People have no idea how our, how our eyes work.

Dave Weiss: Okay.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Yeah. [00:19:00] I've seen you, you do a video of the sunset and it, it's smaller, smaller, smaller than just seems to disappear, which is that same phenomenon we just saw with the

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: boat.

Dave Weiss: Yeah. It gets Oh, oh, the, the, the sun, the the sun fade out. So is that the one you're talking about? Yes, sir. Yeah. So let me, let me show that for those of you that that don't know what we're talking about, the Here.

Dave Weiss: It's, so, this only works on a cle super clear day. Okay, super clear day. So I got a drone up and it's, and it's super cold there. It was literally B freezing. It was 32 degrees actually that day. And the sun went down, down, down, down. Now if we were spinning, it would just keep on going, right? Cuz we're spinning at a constant speed.

Dave Weiss: But it went down, down, down, down, down. It stopped. It sat here. This is super sped up. It just sat here for 10 minutes and it just took its light with it and it disappeared. [00:20:00] Okay? People go, well, I watched a million sunset. How come I've never seen that? That's C g I. I've live streamed this. I've filmed it seven different times.

Dave Weiss: I have the high definition up there. The thing is, the reason you haven't seen it is, You weren't hanging out outside when it was freezing cold. You weren't at altitude and filming with a 4K camera. Okay? Because you can't see this with your naked eye, right? It just takes its light away.

Dave Weiss: It is wild to see. Yeah. And when people really start to understand you know, how, how we see and what the sun is doing, then you get it. But the problem is people are lazy and they they don't, they don't wanna they don't wanna take the time. Here's the, what people say is, well, the sun, if we get smaller and smaller on your flat pancake earth, and I'm like, okay, well let's have a less than perspective.

Dave Weiss: This train is getting smaller [00:21:00] because this viewer is looking at it from the same level as it goes away. Okay. These lines are all level. But if you look at these red lines, look at these here. Look at, they're going down, but they're all level. But this is how our eyes see things that are above us. So here is a a normal view.

Dave Weiss: And then this is a what do call Muppet vision. It's a I forget the word you're looking. No one ever sees from the side. You never look at your side of your face, right? Mm-hmm. And so the sun is just going away, but it's dropping due to perspective. And this is what this person sees. Okay? So now if we take the train cars, they're already smaller because it's already away.

Dave Weiss: It's already shrunk and it's just going away, right? So here's a real world example, not just a car cartoon. We got this ball. And this ball, they're both the same. This one's six feet away, I think. Okay? And we're at the same [00:22:00] level. We're at the same level. It's a wiffle ball. Another wiffle ball. Okay, now we're gonna raise the camera up.

Dave Weiss: We could flip it around. I, I can't put the balls in the ceiling, so I'm just gonna raise the camera up. Now. I'm not gonna get any closer to this one. I raised the camera up right? And the balls become basically the same size. I'm no closer to this one. Right. And now, yeah. Well, this one's a little bit smaller.

Dave Weiss: Well, you know what? Sometimes the sun is a little bit smaller, okay? And, but when the sun is going farther and farther away from you, you have more and more atmosphere. And it's also getting magnified. So as it's shrinking, it's getting magnified. It's a delicate balance, right? But the other thing is telling, you know, measuring the sun during the middle of the day is really hard.

Dave Weiss: It's cuz it's glare, right? You can't really see it. Okay. And then at the very, very end, you know, all the globes with my [00:23:00] sun fade out, they'd be like, Dave, you know, put on a solar filter. You put on a solar filter, you can't see it, it disappears, it's gone. Right? Cause you need a really bright, it's not bright enough to push through the solar filter.

Dave Weiss: So so my point, what was my point? My point was the sun, sometimes it's bigger, sometimes it's smaller. But you know what, you ever watch a a giant, you know, a giant, the sun's giant or the moon is giant on the horizon, that is an optical illusion. What do I mean by that? Right? Hold your finger out.

Dave Weiss: You know, like, okay, my pointer fingernail covers the sun, okay, at arms lanes, and then do that at noon. Or when the sun's high in the sky, much smaller and it's the same thing. Or do it with the moons. You don't have to deal with the glare. You get the giant moon, then a couple hours later, it's tiny, but hold your finger out.

Dave Weiss: It's the same size. It blocks it out the same. Okay? And another thing you can do to short circuit the way you see it. You know, you ever see a giant [00:24:00] moon? Take a picture of it, look at the picture and go, it's tiny. It looks tiny in the picture. It's your brain. It's the way, it's the way your brain is doing it.

Dave Weiss: When you see a giant moon turn around, put your back to the moon, bend over and look at the moon through your legs upside down, and it will be tiny. Because it's short circuits your brain. Because just because it's on the horizon, it's near things. Your brain is interpreting the size differently and you, it's hard to break that, that illusion.

Dave Weiss: But it, it works. Yeah. Upside down and backwards. Illusion. Check it out.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Those, those brain tricks are real. That's how musicians work. That's how you can put two dots on a piece of paper eye with the part, look at one dot and the other one completely disappears. Your brain will just, it has a blind spot and it just stretches that white to cover up that black dot because it doesn't see that spot.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And so your brain does this optical [00:25:00] illusion. So your, your brain is pretty powerful.

Dave Weiss: Ab Absolutely. Have you seen, let me just show you how, how powerful your brain is. Now, this is not a rectangle. It's, it's shorter over here and longer over here, and it's spinning around in a circle. It's not going back and forth.

Dave Weiss: Okay. It's just spinning around, but your brain won't let you see it because it can't bring this shorter edge closer to you. Okay? It's spinning around. So, so these windows are cut out. So what if we stuck a pen through the window to help break the illusion? Okay, so this guy's got a pen. He's got a little piece of tape on it, and he is gonna, he's gonna stick it through, through one of the windows and he is gonna spin it around, right?

Dave Weiss: So he sticks it through and, and now he is gonna spin around. Remember, it's just gonna be spinning in one direction. Do you think you'll be able to see that it's spinning? I think I'm

Dave Weiss: gonna see a pin break a couple of times. [00:26:00] So he's, he's spinning the, the, the, the thread and he is just gonna let it unwind, right? And now your brain is gonna do the weirdest thing ever.

Dave Weiss: Yeah, it's so weird. Okay. So unless you can touch it, feel it, measure it, or know for a fact the size or the distance, you can't make any positive claims.

Dave Weiss: Pretty crazy, right?

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: It is. It's hard to look at cuz it's like, I know they can't happen

Dave Weiss: because you don't know what's going on. All right, go ahead. Sorry. We were off on the side lead away.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: No, that, that's, that's perfect. The corola effect. Can you describe what's happening, you know, what, what they say is happening and then what, what you think is happening?

Dave Weiss: So I last show the other day and I'm [00:27:00] pointing out all this science and they're just denying, denying, denying, denying. And they're like, wait a minute, but toilets go backwards in Australia. They don't, okay. They don't drains spin depending on how the water enters them. Okay. You got these hucksters at the, at the equator that'll show you, you know, they're, they're on one side of the equator and they pour water in and it spins one way, and then they go to the other side and it spins the other way and they go on the equator and it goes straight down.

Dave Weiss: But if you watch, as they pour the water in, they pour it on the right side of the drain and that makes it go counterclockwise. And they pour it on the left side of the drain. It makes it go counterclockwise or vice versa. Counterclockwise the clockwise. Right? And, and people don't notice that subtle little shift.

Dave Weiss: Okay? And that's the case. Matter of fact, I have a friend in Australia. I. Literally just the other day, she just sent me a picture of her, a video of her toilet flushing. And it [00:28:00] doesn't spin either direction. It goes straight down. I'm like, I'm like, oh, you must be on the equator. It's so stupid.

Dave Weiss: But there is a tendency for weather systems to spin in opposite directions on on opposite sides of the equator. Okay. And that's simply the sun and the moon le in my opinion, leave an electromagnetic wake. Okay, so the sun and the moon are traveling in between the two tropics here. So everything on one side will spin on the south, will spin counterclockwise and everything in the north will spin clockwise.

Dave Weiss: Take your hand, roll it through a tub of water or whatever, a paddle or whatever, and then look, you'll get counter rotating. Vortexes has nothing to do with the movement of the container. It has to do with the energy moving through the atmosphere. And what people don't realize is there's many times there's storms that cross the tropics and are spinning [00:29:00] in the wrong direct.

Dave Weiss: Totally negating the idea of Corliss on the, on the app, on the flat Earth, sun, windows clock app. If you hit the question mark button and you scroll down to Corliss right here, second row whole bunch of videos that will fully explain what's going on there. Better than I could do right here in a podcast.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: That, that's actually a great explanation and, and what explained to you, cuz the reason I was asking is like snipers who do long, really long distance shooting, or if you're doing cannon Fire really long distance, 20 plus miles, you have to account for that effect. And that would make sense because these things are.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Metal and if there's some sort of E M f.

Dave Weiss: Yeah. The longest range's, much dunno. Someone just made the world record, I think it was four miles or two miles. I think it was four miles, actually I'm not, whatever the distance it was. And we actually Jaren from Jism actually contacted the sniper and the guy's like, no, I don't ca calculate for Corliss.

Dave Weiss: Okay. Okay. So, you know, wow. You got somebody in your scope a mile, two miles [00:30:00] away, right? And then you're like, okay. Calculate your position, the angle to the equator, the, the, the rotation speed. Then, then you fucking move to the left. So hopefully the bullet will hook and hit the fir, hit the target. I mean, it's, it's retarded.

Dave Weiss: Now. You look up Corola, Google's gonna serve you a guy that says that he calculates for corola and show you a pamphlet that says it. But all the snipers, we've talked to many of them. They say they never calculate for it. What's that?

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: I do have to say that the guy who told me this was a lieutenant Yeah.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Back when I was a cadets. So there could be a reason there that he would

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: told me that,

Dave Weiss: that what? That the, that you do calculate for Corliss.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Yeah. He was in a fire direction control center, which is for artillery and he was a lieutenant. I'll just leave it at that. And everyone knows what that means.

Dave Weiss: Yeah, so you, you calculate for temperature, for air pressure, for for wind, you know, mo mostly. And for drop, like the, the with the rail gun shoots over a hundred [00:31:00] miles, but a hundred miles, there's 6,000 feet of curvature. You know, 6,000, 600 feet of curvature at a hundred miles. That's over a mile of curvature. First, how the hell are they targeting the thing? Okay, now that thing goes at whatever feet per, per minute or whatever, all they have to do is calculate.

Dave Weiss: Cuz if you, if you shot the thing perfectly level and at the same time you dropped a piece of that artillery, they would both hit the ground at the same. Okay. So the, the, the amount of time that it takes there, all they have to do is calculate how fast something drops. So use that formula and say, okay, it's gonna take it four seconds to get there, or 20 seconds to get there, or whatever it is.

Dave Weiss: And they're like, okay, we have to, we wanna shoot it at an angle, an upward angle of, you know, of a fraction of a fraction of a degree, just to account for that [00:32:00] drop, to make it go in a straight line across the plane. It's not shooting around a curve. Okay? And sonar actually proves that, you know, submarines sitting on the bottom of the ocean can see another submarine over a mile away.

Dave Weiss: There should be a mountain of dirt, 6,600. And that what the sonar climbs over the mountain, goes down, hits the submarine, climbs back up, comes back down and goes to the radar. The sonar operator, I don't think so, doesn't work that way. I know. So

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: when I actually spoke to a submarine and he, he's, you know, hiring rank and he's not convinced that the earth is a globe either, and he circumnavigated the earth.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: I'm just like, Hmm, that's, that's an interesting thing.

Dave Weiss: Yeah. Circumnavigation proves the earth is flat.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Yeah. And can you go into that a little bit? Cuz for most people will be like, oh, that, how can you say that? That, but there's a particular way that we've never circumnavigated the

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: earth, right?

Dave Weiss: Yeah, yeah.

Dave Weiss: So, so here's this is how it [00:33:00] works. The flat earth, you got your magnetic north. So I got a magnet here. I got a compass here. And look at the needle, the needle's pointing to the north. So now I'm trying to push this west. I have to keep turning, I have to keep correcting to the north cuz west is right here on the compass. So I'm trying to go west and west is a circle. Now this doesn't prove the earth is flat or globe because it's the same in the north on both the, the globe, globe and the flat globe and flat earth. I'm trying to go east. Look, compass is maintaining, it's north east is a circle. I came right back to where I started.

Dave Weiss: Now if I try to, dead reckon, so I'm pointing west right there. So that stick is west and I'm gonna follow the stick instead of my compass. I'm already going south. South is every direction away from the north. Okay? These are all south. Every one of these lines, rating it out from the center is a south line.

Dave Weiss: Now on a globe, if I [00:34:00] go south, I should pop up over here. No one's ever gone from Santiago and popped up in Australia, ever. No one's ever done it. South is you, you can't circumnavigate south. Now I'm going north, north, north, north, and look, now I'm going south. Compass just did a 180. Every straight line is south.

Dave Weiss: Every straight line is south. You know, people go well. You know, no one's ever circumnavigated north to south. You know, the and a lot of people love bringing up the sailboat race. The Antarctic sailboat race. Right. Where they supposedly circumnavigate Antarctica, but they're using G P S G P S is telling 'em how far they go.

Dave Weiss: But in the south, g p s doesn't, rec doesn't reckon with, you know, if you use stars as navigation or, you know, figure out how fast you're going, you're like, wait a minute, it has us going at three miles per hour. These boats go 20 to [00:35:00] 25 miles an hour. Okay. But on their website, from Johannesburg to Brazil, just this leg of the race is 32,000 miles on their.

Dave Weiss: What's the, the circumference? The circumference of the earth at the equator is 24,900 miles around. Okay, so this leg around the, just the Antarctica, which is supposedly like 11,000 miles around, or, you know, between 10 and 13, they can't make up their mind 32,000 miles, and then they gotta go from here to here, which is actually more miles than you realize.

Dave Weiss: Okay. It's all nonsense people, you know, like, well, there's a, there's a little drone boat that they sent around, and it sort of get the freak outta here. You know, the, the, it's so stupid when people, the, the, the excuses that they bring up, okay? These boats don't go three [00:36:00] miles an hour, okay? They go three miles an hour when they're tied to the dock, all right?

Dave Weiss: Right. This is, It's the 32,000 miles that looks more like 32,000 miles maybe. Okay. Maybe they even cut over here. Who knows where they're going?

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Well, can, can we, and I don't know if you're ready or you want to get into this, but why, what's the purpose? What, why would they try to trick us? I mean, nevermind that we've been tricked for years of medicine and they, they want to, you know, make us do what they want. But, but what, what would be the reasoning why they wouldn't allow someone to go from north to south? South to north? What would be the reasoning why? Just

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: why,

Dave Weiss: why, why would they do it? Why would they do it? How would they do it? Right. Why? Let's, let's let me, let me show you a quick thing. So here's the map of the world, and we're gonna cut out [00:37:00] just this section right here. Okay? And now we're gonna cut that out and we're gonna wrap it around a sphere and say, this is the whole world.

Dave Weiss: This is all that there is, and you're not allowed to go south. Okay? What if the world was set up like this? All of these ponds, each pond is a different world, and we live here in the middle of this pond, and they did the same thing. They cut it out and they wrapped it around a sphere and said, this is where you live and you're not allowed to explore South.

Dave Weiss: How would you know that there's anything else out there that you're at the center of creation. Okay, so the globe lie. The globe is a prison for your mind, okay? They want to, [00:38:00] they want to trap you. This is here. The bottom line is this is a spiritual war. They want your soul and they fishing for it with the soul lure system.

Dave Weiss: Okay, they're making up Go, go ahead. Do you wanna say something?

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Well, one thing I've never understood, and if this is a three-dimensional system or a four-dimensional system really with you know, like in, like in an atom, you've got the center, you've got different clouds. And we, we say that the electrons are in this, they're approximated in this space, but in the solar system, they're all on the same.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Every planet is in the same plane. That makes no sense to me why they're in the same plane. Cuz if gravity is the way they explain it is and everything, then it should be in valence, like an electron. It should be somewhere in this area and we should find that planet circling anywhere in that area. But, but they say that they're all in the same plane.

Dave Weiss: The, the whole motions of [00:39:00] the stars are, are absolutely insane, right? We're, we're spinning cork screwing through space. We're spinning, we're orbiting, and we're chasing the sun and that entire thing's moving sideways. Okay. Versus a flat earth where all of the stars are fixed above us. Turning around essential point, which we call Polaris. And when we look up, we see this. If this was true, this is what we would see. Okay. It's retarded. I'm sorry. It's just absolutely retarded. I'm, I'm bringing it back. That word by the way, cuz they've taken it from us. Because if people use the word retarded, they'll start to realize that the heliocentric model is retarded. And they don't want to tie those two things together.

Dave Weiss: Sorry, didn't to derail your, from your, your spiritual No, no. It's all right. It's alright. Leave it as spiritual offer. So, There's divine law, which is the law of God. There's common law, law of the land, and then statute law, admirable maritime law, which is [00:40:00] the law of the sea or man's law, right? In order to convince man to give up his divine rights, and they're common and you're common rights, you have to convince them that they're not divinely created, okay? They're not the divinely created, and

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: so this is, that would be a position where, let's say the state gives you rights rather than protects the rights that you already have because you're human.

Dave Weiss: Nobody gives you rights. You are born with rights. The state tries to pretend that they take your rights and that they grant your rights. They don't, the only rights they can take it away are the ones that you, what do you got there?

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Constitution and declaration. And these say that exact thing, that our rights are given to us because we are created. Not because of the state. And the state is there to protect those rights. And when that they stop protecting those rights, it is your duty to dissolve those bands that connected to us. Yep. So, and form a new government to protect those rights.

Dave Weiss: So [00:41:00] if you've trapped people's minds, so your, your thoughts create your reality, your thoughts create reality. You are responsible for all of the good things in your life and all of the bad things in your life because people don't realize this and they don't want people realizing this, that the, the vibration frequency of your thoughts attract whatever that vibration is to you.

Dave Weiss: You're, we live in a, in a magical, amazing realm where your thoughts create your reality. Okay? You are solely responsible for your life, right? And all the things that you have in your life are because of the way that you think. Right? People that that live paycheck to paycheck. Live paycheck to paycheck.

Dave Weiss: Cuz that's how they think. Okay? People that. I think the world is horrible. Well that's cuz that's how they think. Right? Two people can watch the same event and one people go, oh my God, that's awful. And the other person goes, oh my God, that's amazing. Right? And it's all how you look at the world, right? And [00:42:00] so your thoughts if they're limited, like my thoughts expand outwards.

Dave Weiss: I know that there is infinite land, infinite energy, free energy infinite food. I mean food, right? You stick a seed, a hundred year old seed in the ground, water will fall from the sky and food will grow outta the ground. Don't tell me there's a food shortage, there's a gardening knowledge shortage. Okay.

Dave Weiss: You know, people have no idea how this, how this place works. So if they have you in a ball and they say, global warming, we're running out of land, we're overpopulated when every family could have an acre in Australia and. Rest of Australia, half of Australia would be empty. Okay? Right? That's if there's 8 billion people, okay?

Dave Weiss: It's, it's ridiculous, right? We're running outta fuel. There's free energy everywhere. They're hiding free energy. Okay? We're, we're trapped on this ball. So if you're trapped in a ball, your thoughts are limited, you've cut off your ability. You live in [00:43:00] fear. Right. They control your mind with the tell Live vision programming.

Dave Weiss: They're programming your mind with the news. They're steering it. Northeast West, south News is an acronym for steering your Mind. And they make you worry and they give you headlines. The headlines, right? When you, when you're worried. And so if you live in fear and you don't think that there's any more, and you believe in government than you've given away your rights, you've given away your ability to thrive and reach your true potential.

Dave Weiss: They don't want us reaching your meeting our true potential. And the Rockefellers said it themselves. They said I think it was Rockefellers. They said, I don't want a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of workers. So you go to college. And they teach you, they don't teach you life skills in college.

Dave Weiss: They teach you horrible. They teach you nonsense, right? They teach you how to become a good little slave, right? So anyone listening to this, if you're sending a kid to college, you are wasting their money. [00:44:00] You are setting them up for failure. There's so many better ways to educate yourself. And one of them, I'm gonna throw it out there, I'm gonna take better than any college ed education would be if you hit the homeschooling button here and you go to Crow Triple Seven Radio.

Dave Weiss: Are you a subscriber to Crow? Do you listen to Crow?

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: I'm not aware of it.

Dave Weiss: So it's $8 a month better than any college, okay? Right. Okay. The Fri, he does a two hour podcast twice a week, and there's like over 400 past episodes. So here's college ready. You get your kid and you okay? Don't just make your kid do it.

Dave Weiss: Listen to one episode a day, two new ones a week, and three old ones, right? So it's two hours a day. You can listen to it while you're gardening, while you're bike riding, while you're kite surfing. If you have some waterproof stuff, you can listen to it while you're driving somewhere, while you're whatever.

Dave Weiss: You can just listen to it while you're putting a new roof on your house, okay? [00:45:00] So you can listen to it while experiencing life rather than sitting in a jail, you know, looking at a chalkboard and having a teacher, you know, raise your hand when you have to go to the bathroom and then going for your shitty lunch, okay?

Dave Weiss: You can you, after a couple of weeks, let alone months or a year, you have now have more life skills than any college is gonna give you, right? You're gonna learn how to navigate this infected infested realm of evil. This infested with evil realm we live in, right? So, That's it. So, you know, I remember when my son was born, I was like, oh my God, I have to save for college.

Dave Weiss: Oh my God, I have another kid. College. College. Right. Cause that's where we're programmed, right? It's nonsense, absolute and total nonsense. The only thing college is, is a social experience. How to live away from home and take responsibility for yourself. Guess what? Get your kid, get a bunch of kids that are ready for college.

Dave Weiss: Rent them a house down on like Cape Hatteras, South Carolina or wherever. Right? Right. That'll [00:46:00] cost you a couple thousand dollars. Right. And then have them listen to their crow episode every day. Have 'em learn how to kite surf. Have 'em get a job, work for a little bit. Make a little extra money. Have 'em grow a garden.

Dave Weiss: Okay. Right. Those kids are gonna be the smartest kids around. Right. This whole college debt system. You know, is ridiculous. You know, you, you come outta college with college debt, then now you have to, you know, you know, especially doctors, doctors have to pay off their loans. Then they become slaves to the drug company.

Dave Weiss: And the drug company's like, you know, we're gonna send you down to The Bahamas if you keep prescribing these drugs. Right? It's all, it's all absolute and total control. So bottom line is they're hiding your true potential. They're hiding free energy. Right? There's already free energy. If you look back in like the Arian research, you know, the old world, they had free energy.

Dave Weiss: Okay?[00:47:00] You just have, they're, they're, they're hiding it. It's, it's plain and simple and obvious. I mean, why in the hell in the world would anybody that creates a perpetual motion or an over unity device become a national security threat? What. Right. And people well over Unity doesn't exist. That's what they've brainwashed you to, to believe.

Dave Weiss: They do exist. I've seen it,

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: but just in my rudimentary research, I went to US patent office and I found some device that has super luminal speed and super luminal means faster than the speed of of light. And allegedly, that's not supposed to happen. But here's a patent that talks about changing gravity and super luminal speed. It's like, well, well that's, that's interesting. How can we go faster than the speed of light when allegedly, that's not supposed to happen?

Dave Weiss: I'm not even sure. Light travels,

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: [00:48:00] right? I mean, like when you start questioning, when you start pulling up that little tapestry, the whole rug comes undone. You're like, well, let me question everything with boldness.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Yeah. Or if there was a creator, he would want us to question him with boldness then to leave blind faith. Right. And I think it's, it's our, it's our duty to do that. To, to look into everything and start questioning things. Like, for me, it was the food and then it kinda led into the covid and now it's leading into just every area I'm gonna be having a guest on soon talking about organ transplantation and how ooh, people are gonna be shocked by that and they may all change their do organ donor status.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: I, I certainly have already changed it.

Dave Weiss: Yeah. And, and people like, well, what about, you know, photos of Earth and all the astronauts that have been to space, they're all eyes, all the photos are admittedly fake. Right. And, and you know, Globe's like there's photos for the [00:49:00] last 70 years, we have photos of Earth.

Dave Weiss: I'm like, can you send me one? Oh no. Every excuse in the book, they won't send you one. And then when they do send you one, I'm like, you just sent me like the first photo from a rocket and it shows a perfectly flat horizon. Like, what are you, what are you trying to show me?

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: You had mentioned something because I, I saw a video you did just recently with St.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Peters and you had talked about, I think he was the challenger.

Dave Weiss: Oh, yeah.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And but that conversation that you had with him, the guy that he was talking about, I've broached that subject with him because I've texted him before. Don't, don't do that. That, that won't be beneficial for either of you to that, that guy, the Space Force guy.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And I also have a friend that I went to residency with who's part of the Artemis program. And I may, if he ends up going to space, I'll see if I can reach out to him. Although I, I doubt he'll talk to me because of my stance on other things.

Dave Weiss: So, so hold on. I'm trying to, where are we going here?

Dave Weiss: That's not what I wanted. To, to go [00:50:00] get to the challenger a second, but since this came up, I'll, I'll show you. This is the external tank. Have you seen this? Yes. Have you seen this? This is wild. The external tank. So, so they, look, look, they're showing you that they're looking out the window. So it's being filmed from, from the from the, the, the shuttle that's going up.

Dave Weiss: It's going up at over 17,000 miles an hour. And,

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: and this tank is falling away from the

Dave Weiss: tank. This tank is going, this is falling

Dave Weiss: so fast. It's going, oh. This, this is actually, this is me showing you that this isn't from space, this is from our front yard. This is done by another, another flat earth there.

Dave Weiss: Just looking up. Got a solar panel, flip it over. And that's how easy it is. Wow. To fake, right? Oh wow. But yeah, yeah. So I'm trying to show you. Oh yeah. So here, here's this thing. How are they filming this thing? Falling? Doesn't that look like a

Dave Weiss: balloon? [00:51:00] I claim it is a balloon. Watch Felix, when he jumps, watch how fast he disappears.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: He disappears cuz he's falling.

Dave Weiss: He's falling. This thing is 20,000 pounds empty, I think. Is that falling? And how's it being filmed by somebody going up? Imagine trying to film a car and you're on a highway driving a hundred miles an hour and the other car is coming at you a hundred miles an hour. Okay?

Dave Weiss: And as it passes you, you try to. You're going 200 miles an hour separating from each other. Now increase that to a thousand miles an hour. You can't even fathom it. That just went by and, yeah, so this is, we're watching this and then all of a sudden we saw this thing, what is this? A cow? I think it's a, it's a quad copter of some sort, right?

Dave Weiss: Cuz you got the, you got the four pokes here and this is some sort of recovery vehicle, right?[00:52:00]

Dave Weiss: So here it comes. There it is. And it somehow we caught it.

Dave Weiss: Don't know, man. This is our NASA's own film.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And shouldn't that be tum? I, I don't know much about physics, but wouldn't that be tumbling if it would just dropped off rather than, cuz it doesn't have to,

Dave Weiss: it would be tumbling. Right. But it's not. Right. And the, the whole thing, I mean, when you really look at it, this thing has got P V C along the side of it, right?

Dave Weiss: Thing's supposed to go faster than than anything else, you know, faster than the, you know, the SR 71, which is like a needle, okay? A needle it, and it, it can't even have paint on it. It goes mock three, 2.3 or 3.2. This thing's going 10 times faster. 10 times faster. [00:53:00]

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: I mean, you'd have a tough time convincing me that that's not in a bowl of water and with a picture below it.

Dave Weiss: It could be. I think it's actually just a balloon. I think it's just a helium balloon.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: It's hard to tell when you see something so unusual and it looks unusual.

Dave Weiss: Yeah. This is a giant balloon. This is also a balloon. This is also a balloon That was rock. It's just a balloon period.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Even the bottom of it looks of the shuttle.

Dave Weiss: Yeah.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: That portion of it looks like

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: it's And,

Dave Weiss: and look, it's, look at it. It's wobbling around on the wind a little bit. You see it wobbling. Okay. This is just a little firework show. It got bright lights here and some smoke, maybe a little bit of thrust. Okay. And it's just floating up and away. That's it.[00:54:00]

Dave Weiss: And it's leaving a heavy smoke trail. Now all of a sudden, rockets don't have smoke trails. What's going on there?

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Yeah, that, that's interesting. Yeah. Here you can see the cone of fire sticking out with no smoke.

Dave Weiss: Yeah. And this is a, this is a docking maneuver. Okay. Check this out. People, people wanna believe that this is real.

Dave Weiss: So hold on, lemme get a little farther jump. Okay. So watch this. They're, cause they're gonna film this, this thing's going 17,500 miles an hour and it's doing this back flip. Are you supposed to believe that?

Dave Weiss: It's cool? It's like mind blowing. Like, wow, wow.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And what my understanding is, is if the atmosphere is rotating with, with the earth and you have to be outta the atmosphere I mean the angular motion of a molecule of [00:55:00] oxygen could be going at what kind of speeds? Can you imagine if it's, if it's on that, that.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Edge of, yeah. Is say a space and atmosphere. I mean, how fast that would, because of the anular motion, as you get further from the center, you travel faster.

Dave Weiss: Yep.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Like that guy shouldn't have fallen straight down when you showed him fall. Oh, that's interesting.

Dave Weiss: Yeah. There's so many interesting things.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: He shouldn't have fallen straight down.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: He should have fallen and then got carried away by the atmosphere as it was.

Dave Weiss: Yep. We saw that

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: that tank just blew up.

Dave Weiss: Yeah. And the Challenger crew have you seen level and the next level yet? Yes, sir. Okay. I don't think so. So these are two movies that are fantastic. They came out two years ago, one year ago on Flat Earth Day, which is April 22nd, and they're fantastic.

Dave Weiss: Do you have my app by the [00:56:00] way? Yes, sir. Okay. So. Next Thursday, the, we're gonna have high def level. Next Friday we're gonna have, is it this Friday? There'll be the high def the next level. And then on Saturday level with me is coming out and we are going to take apart the, the, besides a whole bunch of other stuff, the whole space program and the shuttle disaster.

Dave Weiss: Okay. Alleged disaster. This is gonna be a game changer. So many good people in it. So make sure you catch Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. When it premieres, it's gonna be a game changer. But all these people are alive. They all have identical twins. They all w still use the same name work for universities and none of their twins showed up at any of their, at their funerals.

Dave Weiss: Weird, right?

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Well, to have a twin with the same name

Dave Weiss: is they have a twin with the same name. Don't you think at least one of them would've spoke at [00:57:00] the siblings funeral? Nope.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Unless they were just too shook up about the whole thing.

Dave Weiss: Yeah. That, that must be it. That's a good clover excuse right there.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Yeah, that is wild.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Yeah. I, I have seen a you know, a few minute thing of, of that and how they have the same name and how they speak the same and they, same motions and sa just, it's,

Dave Weiss: yeah, there's all all sorts of stuff. For those of you that don't know my app, you can find it@flatearthdave.com. It's three bucks.

Dave Weiss: One time price. There is a subscription. You don't need it unless you wanna message other people or or use a couple of the new advanced features that actually use use cross resources. Have you checked out the new trivia game? So we got a new games page. And if I open up the trivia earth trivia, let's do two questions.

Dave Weiss: Ready? [00:58:00] Okay, no problem. We'll do two. So two players. Okay. What is the fifth sign in the Zodiac? Oh, I have no idea. Yeah, me neither. I'll say Virgo. And you could say Leo, and the answer is, oh, you, you, you got it, Leo. Very good. Thanks. Yeah, perfect. Alright, we'll have to do three in case we get it. We'll do three.

Dave Weiss: Blue Origin was created by who?

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: I'm not sure what Blue Origin is.

Dave Weiss: Blue Origin is the space program. The, the, the, the, the, not the, not the, not the, not SpaceX, but Blue Origin is the other one where Captain Kirk went up into space.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Oh, is that Bezos?

Dave Weiss: Jeff Bezos. Correct. So we'll both pick Jeff Bezos. We'll both get that right.

Dave Weiss: And it goes on and on and on. So, and then we say, and. I got 50% right. You got a hundred. There you go. Nice work. And then the next game that's coming out, oops, that's not I to [00:59:00] do. The next game is gonna be amazing. This game. It's the old concentration game and you have different levels, a whole bunch of different levels.

Dave Weiss: And you can play remote, we can connect and then we'll play together. Super fun. Yeah, super fun. Brain, brain strength and gains. But on the app have you used a friend finder at all? I have not. Okay. So. People's like, you know, I wish I knew some people around me that that were flat earthers. So you let a load and it'll show you all of the other people around you.

Dave Weiss: Now I can click on any one of these dots. I can click on this guy right here. And there's Howie. If I click on this one, this one's got a profile. I can look a, I can click on that. It's either profile, I can send 'em a message. You can do video calls. I can go into messaging and I got different groups here.

Dave Weiss: I can create my own group. [01:00:00] I can do a video call in a group and everybody can join in. It does a whole bunch of stuff, but that requires a subscription of $11. A year. $11. Very affordable a year. Very afford. It's like you ever buy anybody a margarita? There you go.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Yeah. That's, that's it. Buy more than that subscription.

Dave Weiss: Right? And the, the, the the images section has all sorts of stuff. Like you're trying to talk to somebody, explain flat earth to 'em, just go through these images and isn't moon stuff is really interesting. Yeah. Amazing stuff, right? I mean, my favorite on here, it's like when someone believes in the moon landing.

Dave Weiss: You open up, you open up the moon landing and go, Hey, you know, do you think that is real? I mean, that is a spaceship. Are you kidding me?

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Zero pressure on the outside and

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