Putting Feet on Your Faith: How Local Action and Trusting God Brings Dynamic Results

1 year ago

In this down-to-earth conversation between Daniel Bobinski and talk show host Justin Barclay, Justin starts by emphasizing that God is still on the throne and if we are tuned in and doing what God has called us to do, then even if feels like chaos, order exists because it's God who's in charge. Patriots can trust that God has the plan.

Justin underscored this by relating what he observed at the outpouring at Asbury University in Kentucky, and also in how citizens rose up in Ottawa County, MI to run against Establishment Republicans and put patriots back on the County Board of Directors.

Bobinski pointed out that Mockingbird Media and the Establishment will mock and smear people who are working to restore the Republic, but people do well to follow what the Apostles said when they were arrested for preaching the Gospel: It is better to obey God than man. Obedience and repentance at the local level will make a huge difference in our ability to impact our local communities, which then impacts the nation.

The two then discussed the multitude of attacks coming from all angles. Justin described it as drinking from a fire hose, and it's now difficult to keep track of what matters most.

He reiterated the need to act locally and that by doing so, success that can be achieved. Justin gave the example of Michigan citizens pushing back against the construction of a manufacturing plant tied closely to the Chinese Communist Party.

Justin also addressed the culture war, saying Americans shouldn't get too distracted by flashy, headline-grabbing stories (such as whose face is on a beer can), but that by keeping spiritual things at the center, progress can be made. He pointed out how some patriots are making headway in the culture war by making movies such as "Nefarious" by Steve Deace, "The Jesus Revolution," and "Come Out in Jesus' Name" by Pastor Greg Locke.

Both Daniel and Justin agreed that pastors need to do a better job from the pulpit on explaining the workings of evil entities and how to effectively do spiritual warfare.

Being a military veteran, Daniel emphasized the need to wake up every morning with the mindset that we are in a war for the soul of America, and operate daily with the mindset that there are battles that need to be won.

Also discussed: Central Bank and digital currencies, the elite's push for humans to steer clear of rice and eat more bugs, how the elites believe themselves to be self-actualized and therefore better than everyone else, and how it will be nigh impossible to restore America by trying to change it from the top. Being active in our local counties is what will make the difference.

Toward the end of the show, Daniel & Justin discussed the encroaching mentality that parents are no longer considered by globalists and the Establishment as the primary stakeholders in their children's lives. This then led to a discussion of how Artificial Intelligence will continue to be a force to be reckoned with as those who seek control will use AI to manipulate our lives.

Justin Barclay is the author of the book, Good News: Hope and Encouragement for Trying Times, which contains a key theme that despite us facing difficult times, God is in charge and thus we can go about our work joyfully. His talk show appears on multiple platforms. Find out more by visiting JustinBarclay.com

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