Grounding yourself !

1 year ago

Grounding yourself !

If you’ve been in the intuitive / spiritual realm for a while, you know how important it is to be grounded.

Sometimes we forget to talk about what it means to be grounded.

It means to be all the way in your body.

We have a spirit which is our essence.

We have a soul which is the part of us that moves from lifetime to lifetime gathering experiences.

We have a body.

We also have our mind.

Our mind (conscious and subconscious mind) is like our computer storage.

Our poor body is usually at the tail end of absolutely everything.

Trying to cope with everything you throw at it every day, living it out, freaking it out.

We need to be grounded because we need to have our soul as deeply in our body as possible.

Where we’re not, other energies take up residence.

These can be entities, energy parasites, other peoples energies and issues, negative thoughts, other things we really don’t want to be tangled up in.

When we are space cadets, we are prone to accidents, and we attract people who are going to take from us, or who want to exploit us, because we are an easy target, compared to someone who is fully grounded.

To be grounded is to have our soul all the way down through our legs through our feet into the earth itself.

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