J6 Prayer Trial - Introduction

7 months ago

One of the folks that has waited two and a half years for his January 6 Trial was among a group of four men who are being prosecuted for insurrection, attempted overthrow of the government and domestic terrorism for being present on the grass (never was on the steps of the Capitol or inside the Capitol) and praying. That's right, my friend Derek faces the potential of 26 years in federal prison for praying on the lawn of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. This is the first of a series of videos regarding his case.

Douglas V. Gibbs on KMET 1490-AM Radio, during a segment in the second hour of the broadcast, explains how the political system has been weaponized, why it has been weaponized, and what the impact may be as a result. What would the Founding Fathers think of what is going on? Did they place mechanisms in the United States Constitution to guard against such abuse of power and the rise of tyrannical actions in our government? How is the indictment of Donald J. Trump connected? Why are they targeting the former President of the United States? Does Liberty and Due Process even matter anymore?

Douglas V. Gibbs, Mr. Constitution

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