Kemp Won’t Support Trump In 2024 As He Is Making A Move To Take Over GA GOP

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Voice of Rural America where we make predictions and they come true. Everything is hyper-speed in GA.
There is a major plan in place to stop Donald Trump as the nominee in Ga.
Too many counties got rid of the establishment in front of their county parties. The biggest conflict is in Cherokee County. Moderate and Rhinos are taking over the counties. If they allow the Rinos and establishments to carry the water it will only be a matter of time to allow the county to flip blue. They are creating a new republican party in GA. Brian Kemp is working on a new republican party because the grassroots has taken over too much of the party. They want everyone in the republican party to bow down to Kemp. They will start recharting the counties.
Last Tuesday at the Pickens Co Republican party meeting, BKP addressed what was happening. They aren’t happy in Cherokee Co. The new republican party in Cherokee county to uncharted the GOP. How are they going to get away with the current GOP, if you aren’t bowing down to ATL, you will start getting letters of violations. You will get an establishment that will not support Donald Trump and are in support of Kemp and Loeffler in 2026.
EXCLUSIVE: GA Gov Kemp who certified fraudulent 2020 election in State now creating a new GOP where Trump supporters will have no voice. Kemp has been tasked with tamping down the Trump support in GA.
Organization forms in Cherokee County to move away from GOP? The Cherokee County Republican Coalition started this week but why? Is Kemp getting nervous given the newest Presidential polls?
UGA poll: Trump remains clear favorite among likely GOP voters in GA. You need someone inside the GOP, BKP told you when he first announced his candidacy for 1st Vice Chair. Kemp’s job is to get DeSantis over Trump.
GA gov Brian Kemp urges Republicans to move on from election fraud claims:
Republican donor retreat suggests Donald Trump is far from a coronation. Nashville- Donald Trump still gets top billing at this weekend’s exclusive gathering of Republican donors.
Kemp makes a case for anyone but Trump in 2024. If Brian Kemp is the real deal, why is he not over the top saying that he will support the nominee in GA and respect the voters of GA for nominating Trump. Why is he not supporting the hardworking GA. The work starts now, and we hope you’ll join us. The road to the White House runs through GA. says kemp. Kemp is going to play a role to make sure that Trump doesn’t get the nominee in GA
Kemp moves to take command of the GOP leaving the state party behind. If you don’t think Rona isn’t going to say that whatever Biran Kemp does in GA will be ok. The establishment made sure to keep the charter of the GOP around the country. Brian has decided to start a new party
When you vote for the GAGOP officers ask which ones plan the day after June 10 to go to Atlanta to meet with Brian Kemp to beg him for booing him off the stage and welcoming him in GA. The sad thing is Kemp will do everything to keep Trump from being the nominee. If you really support the GOP and are a conservative republican the first thing you do is run to CNN.
Do you know stop looking in the rear view mirror means? Accept the crimes, lies, corruptions, accept what happened and move on. Anyone dwelling in the past are the bad people. Distracted and looking backward equals shut up and do what your told.
June 10 is the State GOP convention in Columbus.

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