San Antonio Rally - Nurse Erin, Natali & Amy Jones – Voiceless Docuseries

1 year ago

Nurse Erin Olszewski is a Nurse, Advocate, Educator and whistleblower. On June 9th, 2020, she released her undercover footage to the world in a documentary published by ‘Perspectives of the Pandemic’ and her life forever changed. She continues to advocate for patients and their families and speaks around the country to educate and inspire bravery.

She has teamed up with Natali and Amy Jones whose mother was killed by the deadly protocols in hospitals. Together they started the Voiceless Project to give a voice to victims and whistleblowers and share startling never before seen/heard footage in order to spread the truth about the plandemic.

Learn more about Nurse Erin at:

You can find out more about The Voiceless Project Docuseries and how you can get involved at:

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