Sgt. Rick Abbott's Testimony on Lawful Assembly and Bold Leadership | Winnipeg Day 3 | NCI

Sgt. Rick Abbott is a 25-year police officer with the Edmonton Police Service. He had an accelerated career and became a police sniper, as well as a gun instructor rather quickly into his career. He was later promoted to sergeant and joined the SWAT team as a sniper. Due to his extensive training, he is skilled in making risk-effective decisions.

Recently, Sgt. Abbott has been speaking about the EPS's approach to COVID-19. He brings a unique perspective to the COVID-19 mandates enforced by EPS, including the border blockade during the trucker convoy. Sgt. Abbott gives examples that these policies were not about health.

Would you agree with Sgt. Abbott's view that the COVID-19 policies were not about health?

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