1 on 1 with Michelle | Cassie Shroeder's Challenges and Sacrifices: A Student's Dilemma with Vaccine Mandates | Day 3 Winnipeg

1 year ago

Cassie Shroeder, a student and member of the Canadian non-profit organization "Students Against Mandates," faced a difficult decision when her school implemented a vaccine mandate in 2021. By Winter 2022, her school informed students who had not uploaded proof of vaccination that they would be de-registered. Cassie, who was initially skeptical about the vaccine early in the outbreak, was caught in a dilemma. Her doctor agreed that she shouldn't have to get vaccinated, but she couldn't write an exemption letter, or she would lose her license to practice.

Cassie is pursuing a degree and career in the healthcare profession, and she realized that she could not, in good faith, pursue those aspirations if the government controlled what she could tell her patients. This realization was a significant turning point for Cassie, who now seeks to pursue naturopathic medicine in the United States. Her decision highlights the importance of personal autonomy and the need for individuals to make informed decisions about their health. It also underscores the tension between individual freedom and public health policies, as well as the impact of these policies on people's lives and aspirations. Cassie's story is a reminder that sometimes, standing up for one's beliefs and values requires making difficult choices and sacrifices, and that these choices can have a significant impact on one's life and future.

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