Expert in Epidemiology and Genetics Reveals Flaws in COVID Response | Day 2 Winnipeg

1 year ago

Dr. Natalie Bjorklund-Gordon is a highly accomplished expert in human genetics, microbiology, and chemistry with a keen understanding of epidemiology, public health, and biostatistical analysis. Her involvement in pandemic response planning, following the Sars cov-1 epidemic, resulted in the establishment of robust standards that governments worldwide should have implemented. However, she witnessed a deviation from this approach by many countries, which led to unnecessary fear among populations. Only Sweden, according to her, adopted the correct method of dealing with COVID-19.

Natalie's expertise in mRNA technology and PCR diagnostics revealed a crucial problem with the current pandemic response strategy. She expressed her concern over the misuse of PCR testing that resulted in a high number of false positives. This approach, coupled with the overreliance on vaccines to eradicate the virus, failed to recognize the impossibility of eliminating respiratory viruses from animal reservoirs.

Dr. Natalie Bjorklund-Gordon's insights are a wake-up call for public health authorities and policymakers worldwide. She reminds us that the fear and panic generated by the pandemic have not been proportional to the actual risk of the virus. Her knowledge and expertise have exposed fundamental flaws in the current pandemic response strategy that must be addressed for future health emergencies.

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