The Loss of Trust in Mainstream Media During COVID-19: Jeffrey Tucker's Testimony

7 months ago

#NCI #Winnipeg Expert Witness Clip
In his powerful testimony, Jeffrey A. Tucker highlights the concerning loss of trust in mainstream media that has occurred as a direct result of their reporting on COVID-19. With the media having become increasingly centralized and monopolistic in their control over information, a free market of ideas has been effectively stifled. Instead, centralized government powers have been allowed to take control over media narratives concerning mandates, protests, and lockdowns.

Throughout this pandemic, we have seen numerous examples of the media actively demonizing protests and labeling them as nothing more than disease spreaders, all without any evidence to support their claims. This marks a significant departure from the way in which the press used to cover government messaging, and it is a concerning trend that we have never seen before. In many ways, it seems as though our fundamental rights and liberties have been cast aside in favor of a single-minded focus on controlling the narrative around COVID-19.

The loss of trust in mainstream media is a serious issue that we must address if we are to maintain a truly free and open society. It is time to demand greater transparency and accountability from those who hold the reins of power, and to ensure that our media is once again able to operate within a truly free-market of ideas. Only then can we hope to truly combat the challenges that lie ahead and to build a brighter future for ourselves and for generations to come.

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