One on One with Michelle | Shea Ritchie | National Citizens Inquiry

1 year ago

In a recent interview with NCI Spokesperson Michelle Leduc Catlin, Shea Ritchie, a restaurant owner who was severely impacted by COVID mandates, revealed the devastating effects of government corruption and flawed policies on small businesses. Despite following every rule and regulation, Shea's business was lost due to the government's failure to acknowledge its mistakes and the subsequent blame placed on him.

Throughout the pandemic, Shea faced constantly changing rules, with liquor inspectors enforcing health regulations and police becoming involved. Even after following every guideline, he received nonsensical fines that the inspectors themselves agreed were unfair. In court, the judge ruled that even people from the same household couldn't sit at the same table in the restaurant.

Shea's story is a sobering reminder of the devastating impact of COVID mandates on small businesses. His optimistic outlook for the future is a testament to his resilience and perseverance, despite the challenges he faced. As Shea rightly points out, the COVID mandate rollouts were a significant mistake, and it's essential that we learn from these mistakes to ensure a better future for all businesses and communities impacted by the pandemic.

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