National Citizens Inquiry | Winnipeg Day 2

National Citizens Inquiry | Winnipeg Day 2 Hearing

Winnipeg Day 2 – April 14

Shawn Buckley 0:42:55 – 1:22:40
Commission lawyer – Opening Remarks

Patrick Allard 1:30:25 – 1:55:45
Lay Witness – Owner of renovation company
His experiences with authority during his active participation in mandate protests.

Jeffrey Tucker 1:57:50 – 2:28:00
Expert Witness - Founder of the Brownstone Institute
An overview of how government/Public Health policies affected society and suggestions on how to ensure these mistakes and overreach are corrected.

Rick Wall 3:01:50 – 3:40:10
Lay Witness – Owner of trucking company
Experiences with involvement in truckers protests.

Natalie K Bjorklund Gordon 3:40:40 – 5:03:22
Expert Witness – Geneticist and Epidemiologist
Discussion about PCR, mRNA technology, statistics and person experiences.

Brian Giesbrecht 5:40:30 – 6:25:41
Expert Witness - Retired Provincial Court judge
Discusses how the legal/court system should be independent of government policy.

Martha Voth 6:26:30 – 6:57:55
Lay Witness
Husband was admitted to hospital with covid, seemed to improve with regular oxygen mask, was put on a ventilator, developed massive infection and died.

Sara Martens 6:58:48 – 7:20:05
Lay Witness – Health Care Aid
Husband was in vehicle accident, diagnosed with covid in hospital, put on ventilator and died shortly after.

Sean Howe 7:29:50 – 7:41:35
Lay Witness - Locomotive engineer
Suffered financial hardship from being laid off without pay for 8 months.

Michelle Kucher 7:42:22 – 8:13:35
Lay Witness
Due to hospital lockdown, she wasn’t allowed to visit her dying mother.

Charles Hooper 8:14:10 – 9:05:44
Expert Witness – Researcher on early Covid treatment
Discusses the war against Ivermection and the studies showing that it is beneficial.

Don Woodstock 9:06:16 – 9:19:45
Lay Witness - Owner of security company
His business actually boomed during covid due to peoples excessive fears.

Dr. Gerald Bohemier 9:20:15 – 9:58:40
Lay Witness - Retired chiropractor
Spoke about the censorship and intimidation he experienced by attending and speaking at rallies.

Carley Walterson-Dupuis 9:59:45 – 10:08:22
Lay Witness
Vaccine injured.

Shelley Overwater 10:09:25 – 10:50:25
Lay Witness – Lawyer
Father’s death wrongly labelled a covid death, her experience going to hospital and work related experiences stemming from vaccine mandates.

Ches Crosbie 10:50:33 – 10:52:15
Commission Administrator
Closing Remarks

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