BREAKING: FDA DIRECTLY Involved With Engineering COVID-19 At Fort Detrick & UNC Chapel Hill

7 months ago

Citizens of the United State must continue to demand local governments protect the innocent, ban the jabs, and arrest those responsible for deploying a weapon of biowarfare.
Professor Francis Boyle is back with Stew to detail his support for the Florida GOP’s “Ban the Jab” resolutions.
The Pentagon bought and funded the research that created the mRNA “Frankeshots”.
Fort Detrick was also involved in the creation of the Covid-19 virus.
That means the U.S. Government is responsible for both the creation of the Covid-19 bioweapon and the mRNA fake vaccines.
The FDA was also involved in the development of Covid-19 as an offensive biological weapon at the UNC BSL3.
The same agency (FDA) that is now tasked with deeming the “vaccines” as safe, were involved in the development of Covid-19.
A recent report out of Portugal claims 300K Americans have died from the clot shots.
The American people are being culled and treated like the Nazis treated German Jews.
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