Richie Billing: Iron Age Marketing 012

1 year ago

In today's episode of Iron Age Marketing, I talk to Richie Billing, author, as well as the host of The Fantasy Writers' Toolshed podcast.

Let's Meet Iron Age Creator Richie Billing

Richie Billing first came to my attention as the host of The Fantasy Writers' Toolshed podcast. I assumed he would be a fine guest off of nothing more than that. But as we prepped for the episode it became clear that he had far more to offer. On top of being a knowledgeable podcaster it came to light that Richie is an author himself as well as a marketer by trade.

Richie Billing And Getting Comfortable With Email In The Iron Age

As Richie and I talked I was astounded at his dept of knowledge specifically in the field of marketing. Our conversation included a plethora of tips and tricks Richie himself uses as an author despite a love/hate relationship with many of the aspects of marketing. The bulk of the episodes end was spent specifically on the topic of email marketing to build relationships with your fans to build your tribe.

Hopefully you walk away from today's episode with a few ideas on how to build your tribe. If it still seems like too much both Richie and I have resources to help.

Richie Billing Resources & Extra Media

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