Thousand Yard Stare Official Music Video by Visions of the Night (pre band name change)

10 months ago

Live band footage from Tokyo & Hiroshima concerts plus sniper footage.

Tracking my prey for half of a day
914 metres away

Winds from the Northeast
Steadily decrease
Inevitable the target deceased

Enemy ground, infiltration
Security measures nullification
At one with my location
The terrain complete integration
Sniper rifle encased, dismantled
Now promptly being assembled
Meditative-like concentration
Minimal breathing fluctuation

Pulse slows to trance-like state
Mag loaded with .308
Final phase has begun
I prepare, to empty my lungs

A clear view within the scope
Enemy without a shadow of hope
Target sighted, I dial the distance
Accounting for wind resistance
and bullet drop compensation
Knowing well my ammunition
Safety off, the weapon's hot
As I take the shot

Slicing through the air with the target exposed
Flesh and bone fragments explode
With a mark of deadly precision
Projectile makes its incision
Glabella ruptured, frontal lobe smashed
Sprayed with blood the ground is splashed
Silent, not a sound to hear
Into the foliage I disappear

Evasive action
No delay of reaction
I arrive at the point of extraction

End of the mission
Rapid extradition
Casualty beyond recognition

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