The Truth About CO2

10 months ago

CO2 lags earth temperature changes by 600-800 years, not the other way round. The CO2 causing climate change narrative is a hoax, climate change causes CO2 change instead, because the CO2 is emitted by the ocean, which acts as a temperature dependent carbon sink.

The temperature of the Earth is instead dependent on the Sun: the orbital Earth-Sun distance is not constant even in the medium term (Solar Inertial Motion). The long term orbital change is also because of the Milankovitch Cycles:
1. The shape of Earth’s orbit: eccentricity;
2. The angle Earth’s axis tilted with respect to Earth’s orbital plane: obliquity; and
3. The direction Earth’s axis of rotation is pointed towards: precession.

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Robin Monotti, Architect

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Climate myths: Ice cores show CO2 increases lag behind temperature rises, disproving the link to global warming | New Scientist

The lag proves that rising CO2 did not cause the initial warming as past ice ages ended

"Ice cores from Antarctica show that at the end of recent ice ages, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere usually started to rise only after temperatures had begun to climb. There is uncertainty about the timings, partly because the air trapped in the cores is younger than the ice, but it appears the lags might sometimes have been 800 years or more.

Initial warming
This proves that rising CO2 was not the trigger that caused the initial warming at the end of these ice ages"

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