CCFR Radio - Ep 140: We’ve Been “Rouleau’d” Again, MCC Promotes C-21, G4, G46, More Liberal Disinfo

While Trudeau & other Libs blatantly spread disinformation in the House in Commons, the Mass Casualty Commission releases their final report on the “access to firearms,” a total trainwreck (analysis with Tracey Wilson).

Rod interviews Jerrika Geneau from WildTV's 'Jerrika in the Wild,' plus an update on the restructuring at the CCFR (hang in there for missing membership cards!).

- Chapters -

(00:00) Intro
(00:25) Episode overview
(02:07) Sponsors
(02:52) CCFR v. Canada
(04:56) Poilievre, Trudeau, Liberal crime wave
(09:33) The 'NRA' in Canadian politics
(11:40) Stephen Harper & 'assault weapons'
(12:49) Jerrika in the Wild interview
(19:50) Mass Casualty Commission report
(25:15) Facts about Nova Scotia's mass shooter
(27:48) Membership cards, Restructuring
(29:29) Saskatchewan Firearms Act, Alberta
(30:35) AGM update
(34:40) Disinformation & hate incitement online
(37:51) What the gun lobby wants
(42:04) Donor shoutouts
(43:41) Outro

Rod confronts Australian gun control expert:
AGM details:

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