EXCLUSIVE! WHO Whistleblower CONFIRMS HORROR: mRNA Narrative a Psyop, Shots are NOT Biological

1 year ago

Studies reveal there is no biological material in the Covid shot which means they do not contain mRNA.
Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger details groundbreaking news that the shots are 100% synthetic.
The shots are weapons of biowarfare.
Doctors are now realizing they have been bought and duped by Big Pharma.
Many are having emotional breakdowns upon realizing they’ve participated in a mass genocide.
The shots have been proven through rigorous experiments to contain nanotech and graphene oxide.
Bill Gates had led the W.H.O. vaccine plan since 2012 and he is still in the driver’s seat
Biomolecular programming can be accomplished synthetically.
Graphene oxide is the element of the computerized bimolecular lipid that is creating nanocircuits in the human body.
The mRNA tech narrative was a government psyop to deceive researchers and make them think the shots were biological.
They are not biological.
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