"It's GENOCIDE" We the People 50- Recall the Shots w/ Dr. Janci Lindsay & Carolyn Blakeman

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Join us for a fantastic interview with the fiery Dr. Janci Lindsay and Carolyn Blakemen of Former Feds as they discuss their new initiative, "We the People 50-Recall the Shots"
They are taking on the vaccine manufacturers by using the consumer product protection laws of each state to try and get the poison shots pulled. You won't want to miss this! Links mentioned in show:

Carolyn Blakeman is the media director and task force coordinator for FFFF- FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation https://formerfedsgroup.org/
The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation (FFFF) is a New Jersey based 501(c)(3) organization comprised of former federal agents, prosecutors, lawyers, medical professionals, researchers, and volunteers from around the United States and all over the world. Many of our former feds are ‘former’ because they witnessed the corruption of our most fundamental systems firsthand and subsequently became conscientious objectors.

Dr. Janci Lindsay, PhD is the Toxicology and Molecular Biology Director at Toxicology Support Services. She has over 30 years of scientific experience which includes pulmonary toxicology. She has been speaking out since the beginning of the “Pandemic” about the “red-defining” of long-standing scientific and immunological principles with respect to the characterization of the COVID virus, natural immunity, the real risk to the public and the safety and efficacy of cheap and well-studied ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, towards the treatment of the COVID-19 syndrome. https://www.toxicologysupport.com/

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