Your American Podcast Coming Soon

1 year ago

When Big Tech Cancelled our small family business “Your American Flag Store”, it set off a chain of events that changed the lives of our family forever.

When 2018 we set out to become America's premier custom Rustic American Flag Art company. We never imagined that in 2021 after being Cancelled for creating Patriotic artwork that we would become regular guests on numerous national news shows, and certainly never thought we would be offered a Documentary series about our story, but here we, and why not start a Podcast while we're at it.

When these opportunities came we just knew that rather than adding more ugliness & division into our country, we had a very unique opportunity share the grace that God offered us in our struggles as viable and effective way to thrive in these hard times. So, our Documentary Series and our Podcast limits the negativity that got our story national attention and highlights the joy we have had in spreading the love we received along this incredible journey.

Your American Podcast will be interesting conversations with influential Americans who have either played a part in helping us or are in their own way fighting to change the culture of CANCEL CULTURE.

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