As Jacinda Ardern Leaves Politics: "That is what it is, so yep, yep"

1 year ago

As Jacinda Ardern leaves politics, she tells John Campbell that she won't miss the 'weight' of being Prime Minister. She also speaks about the anger she felt when she understood the Christchurch attacker wanted to create a 'sense of other' to members of our community. How ironic then, that she herself completely othered those who chose not to take the #Pfizer shot, and in doing so created two different classes of people in New Zealand: the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Although as you can see, she didn't seem particularly angry about that, rather she smugly admitted "That is what it is, so yep, yep."

She wouldn't even come out and speak with those who were genuinely hurting as a result of her mandates, who waited for three weeks outside Parliament, and the jab injured, and those who lost loved ones to the jab, what to speak of embracing them.

We won't miss the 'weight' of Jacinda Ardern

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