Baby Elephant Deals With An Itch It Can't Scratch

1 year ago

The video shows the sight of a cute baby elephant getting rid of an itch on its back side in a hilarious manner.

Baby elephants are by far one of the most popular animals to be seen when going on a safari. Just looking at a baby elephant will melt the hearts of most people. Having the opportunity to watch baby elephants go about their daily lives in the African wild is a heart-warming and many times an emotional experience. You can be assured to be entertained by their behaviour that ranges from incredibly cute to hilarious at times. One can’t help smiling while watching baby elephants, just like this one I managed to film during a safari in Zimbabwe, showing off some creative maneuvers to get rid of an itch on its back side. We came across a large herd of elephants surrounding a watering hole.

The elephants were there to quench their thirsts but also to enjoy a mud bath in a nearby wallow to cool down and rid their bodies from itchy ticks and parasites. In such a large herd of elephants it takes a while to spot the real tiny babies. I managed to spot one and kept an eye on it. They are just so entertaining to watch, and this little elephant did not fail to deliver. While watching the baby elephant I noticed it looked a little uncomfortable, walking around in circles, not really knowing what to do with itself. As they do, the baby elephant just did what it wanted in the most hilarious manner. It obviously had a serious itch on its back side and the baby elephant initially didn’t know how to get rid of it. The next moment the baby elephant decided that a low concrete wall at the watering hole was going to do the job.

The baby elephant turned around, rested its back side onto the wall and with the most hilarious looking movements of the hips going from left to right, the baby elephant finally managed to get rid of that annoying itch it just couldn’t scratch. Seeing this funny but cute creative manner the baby elephant used to get rid of an itch put a smile on my face and made my day.

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