Dan Hartman | Answers4Sean | Day 3 Toronto Testimony | National Citizens Inquiry

#NCI Day 3 #Toronto
Dan Hartman's (Twitter: @Answers4Sean) testimony on the loss of his son Sean, just 33 days after receiving the Pfizer #COVID19vaccination in September 2021, is a heartbreaking account that demands our attention.

Dan's unwavering commitment to seeking truth and answers about Sean's passing is an inspiration to us all, and his determination has led him to the expertise of Dr. Ryan Cole, who is working to uncover the cause of Sean's tragic death.
Join us in the fight for #truth4sean and support Dan and his family in their quest for justice.

This is a powerful reminder of the importance of transparency and accountability when it comes to public health policies and vaccine safety. Don't miss this critical testimony!
#COVID #COVID19 #TruthMatters #Canada

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