LESLIE-REGIER- WTF!?! - TOSN-126 - 04.01.2023

1 year ago

Nearly a month before the Nashville Tragedy, Leslie Regier came forward for a reality check on what’s really going on with ‘wokism’ and the LGBTQ movement. Leslie speaks about her Transgender journey and how her segment of the population is being manipulated by the government to push their divisive agenda and transhumanism and the abuse by mass media to disseminate false narratives.
Co-Hosts: Kynthea, Annetta Driskell and Timothy Saunders.

Show page: https://www.theothersideofmidnight.com/tosn-126

Leslie Regier's Website: http://www.violetangel.net

Book: "Unchaining My Truth: Taking Flight on the Wings of a Dream"
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