National Citizens Inquiry | Toronto Day 3 Full Hearing

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National Citizens Inquiry | Toronto Day 3 Hearing

Shawn Buckley 1:11:20 – 1:35:05
Commission Administrator/Lawyer
Opening Remarks

Jay McCurdy 1:35:48 – 2:40:43
Expert Witness - Teacher
Loss of business income, effects of lockdowns on children’s education, mental health.

Julie Pinder 2:41:06 – 3:03:10
Lay Witness
Vaccine Injury

Catarina Burguete 3:17:42 – 3:34:58
Lay Witness
Effects of lockdowns and social isolation on her children

Dr. Eric Payne 3:36:17 – 4:32:30
Expert Witness – Pediatric Physician
Currently charged by College of Physicians and Surgeons Alberta for spreading
misinformation, safety and efficacy of mRNA vaccines, masking.

Colleen Brandse 4:32:48 – 4:46:50
Lay Witness - Nurse
Vaccine Injury to herself, husband and son

Jason Kurz 5:38:98 – 5:59:10
Lay Witness – Work Control Team Leader at OPG.
Lost job at OPG due to vaccine mandates. Feels that his involvement in the freedom
movement also played a role.

Scarlett Martyn 6:09:25 – 6:37:04
Lay Witness – Paramedic
Lost job due to vaccine mandates. Discussed change in attitude in work place once
vaccines were rolled out.

Dan Hartman 6:37:38 – 6:46:20
Lay Witness – Truck Driver
In order for his 17 yr old son to continue to play hockey, he needed to be vaccinated. He
died suddenly within a few days of his vaccination.

Irvin Studin 6:47:53 – 7:34:55
Expert Witness - Expert in Constitutional Law
The short and long term consequences of school closures on children of all ages and
their futures.

Dr. Mark Trozzi 7:44:48 – 8:43:08
Expert Witness – Physician
Overview of enforced pandemic directives, detailed analysis of mRNA injections.

Vincent Gircys 8:43:25 – 9:32:32
Lay Witness – Retired OPP officer of 32 years
The failure of police to adhere to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and police
policies already in place. Speaks about collusion between government, media and police

Maureen Somers 9:42:10 – 9:48:08
Lay Witness
Appalled at the state of fascism that she feels she is witnessing now and concern for her

Dianne Spaulding 9:48:36 – 10:01:36
Lay Witness
Vaccine injury

Jan Francey 10:02:08 – 10:11:05
Lay Witness
Vaccine injury

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