Woke Jesus: The False Messiah Destroying Christianity with Pastor Lucas Miles

Author & Pastor Lucas Miles ( https://lucasmiles.org ) joins Jeremy Slayden to explain the destructive power of the false messiah known as the Woke Jesus.

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Woke Ideology and is proving deadly. A few years ago it was sold to the general public as tolerance of other peoples lifestyle choices or empathizing with the real or imagined plights of others, then it moved to religious devotion to a leftist state including rioting in the streets and promoting deviant sexuality to children, but now..its give us our way or we'll shoot your kids. Literally. The Biden Administration is fully on board with this ideology and is now weaponizing the DOJ and FBI against any dissidents, namely, traditional Christians.

Sadly, many of the biggest names in American Christianity remain silent as these events play out in broad daylight, as they have been carrying water for the political left for years, and don't want to acknowledge what the leftist chickens coming home to roost actually means.

Why is this?
What are we to do?

Join us for some answers!

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American Pastor Project: Stand for Truth NOW: americanpastorproject.org

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