National Citizens Inquiry | Toronto Day 2 Full Hearing

Shawn Buckley 0:33:43 – 0:54:22
Commission Administrator/Lawyer
Opening Remarks

Rick Nicholls 55:12 – 1:24:35
Lay Witness – Independent Politician
Political pressure to get vaccinated resulted in his loss of seat within the CPC party.

Lynn Kofler 1:24:37 – 1:43:27
Lay witness – Registered Nurse
Lost job due to vaccine mandate, care and treatment of seniors in LTC facility.

Tom Marazzo 1:43:50 – 2:28:45
Expert Witness – former teacher at Georgian College
Lost job due to vaccine mandate, experiences with Freedom Convoy.

Laura Jeffrey 2:29:22 – 3:12:48
Expert Witness - Mortician
Observations on deaths after vaccine rollout and unusual findings in bodies.

Sean Mitchell 3:29:25 – 4:27:20
Lay Witness – Paramedic
Lost job due to vaccine mandate, observations on pandemic from his experiences.

Natasha Petite 5:21:15 – 5:37:04
Lay Witness
Even with mask exemption, faced discrimination and eventual police altercation.

Tamara Ugolini 5:37:41 – 5:59:05
Lay Witness – Journalist
Business endeavour destroyed by lockdowns, financial stress and uncertain future.

Michael Alexander 5:59:50 – 6:46:40
Expert Witness - Lawyer
The process of defending doctors being charged with spreading misinformation.

Cindy Campbell 6:47:22 – 7:45:55
Expert Witness – Nursing academic
How the pandemic and hospital policies affected nursing staff.

Heather Church 7:46:23 – 8:05:11
Lay Witness – Health Scientist Professor
Under duress, took vaccine to keep job and is now vaccine injured.

Dr. Wesley Mack 8:05:39 – 8:41:42
Lay Witness – Different facets of church organization
How mandates affected churches and congregations.

Randy Banks 8:42:14 – 8:48:32
Lay Witness – Pastor
Unable to provide services to in-home, hospitalized or long term care patients.

Meredith Klitzke 8:49:40 – 9:02:15
Lay Witness
Out of concern for other health issues, took vaccine and now vaccine injured.

Kimberly Snow 9:02:53 – 9:10:43
Lay Witness – Manager for retail outlet
Job loss due to vaccine mandate – only management affected, not retail/distribution

Greg Hill 9:11:02 – 9:33:29
Expert Witness – Pilot, ex-Captain with Air Canada
Loss of job due to vaccine mandates, health and safety of flight crew.

Ksenia Usenko 9:34:02 – 9:50:40
Lay Witness - Nurse
Loss of job due to vaccine mandate, observations on patients.

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