National Citizens Inquiry | Toronto Day 1 Full Hearing

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Shawn Buckley 0:39:55 – 56:18
Commission Administrator/Lawyer
Opening Remarks

Rodney Palmer 56:19 – 1:50:55
Expert Witness - Retired CBC Journalist
The CBC – news or propaganda? Their role in the pandemic narrative.
NOTE: Mr. Palmer’s testimony was cut short due to time constraints. The conclusion of
this testimony can be found at time stamp 8:37:15

Dr. Robert Malone 1:56:30 – 3:09:03
Expert Witness - Inventor of mRNA technology, Medical Researcher
His concerns with the rollout of mRNA vaccines and 5 th Generation warfare.

Bruce Pardy 3:09:20 – 4:13:25
Expert Witness - Professor of Law Queen’s University
The role the legal /court system had when mandates were challenged.

Marc Auger 4:54:06 – 5:09:00
Lay Witness - Firefighter
Vaccine taken under duress in order to care for father in long-term care facility.

Catherine Swift 5:09:17 – 5:38:12
Expert Witness – President of The Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers and Business in
The effects of mandates on businesses, their employees, business incomes.

Elizabeth Galvin 5:38:24 – 6:03:08
Lay Witness
Lockdowns/vaccine mandates by Province/University resulted in daughter committing

Oliver Kennedy 6:03:21 – 6:15:59
Lay Witness – Health Care Worker
Loss of job due to vaccine mandate and mental stress due to societal discrimination.

Richard Lizotte 6:32:15 – 6:55:53
Lay Witness – Retired paramedic
Unable to be with dying brother in hospital due to vaccine status.

Victoria McGuire 6:56:06 – 7:17:42
Lay Witness – Nurse
Loss of job, irregularities with what the media was reporting and what she was seeing.

Deanna McLeod 7:18:25 – 8:21:11
Expert Witness – Medical Researcher
Owner of independent medical research firm analyzing covid data and vaccines.

Remus Nasui 8:22:06 – 8:37:03
Lay Witness – Paramedic
Discrimination over vaccine status, change in types of call-outs after vaccine rollout.

Rodney Palmer (recalled) 8:37:15 – 8:54:15
Retired CBC Journalist
Conclusion of testimony from earlier in the day

Leanne Duke 8:55:10 – 9:21:04
Lay Witness
Unable to care for father in LTC facility resulting in his deteriorating condition and death.

James Paquin 9:21:25 – 9:30:10
Lay Witness – Business Owner
Ran his business from Japan, loss of income, different pandemic response in Japan.

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