From Trans Supremacy to AI, How Wokeness Seeks to Replace God

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For the last few weeks, I've been coming to a clearer understanding of the motives behind seemingly inexplicable actions and agendas coming from the radical left. I've always believed that attacks on faith were behind many if not most of the various Neo-Marxist and globalist campaigns, but it wasn't until recently that I realized nearly ALL of these attacks either go after faith on some level or are directly engaged in destroying faith.

As a Bible-believing Christian, I am hyperaware of the attacks against my own faith. But it behooves us all to acknowledge that the globalist elite cabal wants ALL traditional faiths to be subverted or abolished completely. In some cases, they don't mind if we have a little faith as long as it does not supersede the religion of climate change, the cult of wokeness, or the supremacy of government entities. In other cases, they simply want us to completely abandon our faith or die.

On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I dove into various ways they are attacking faith and trying to replace it with their earthly gods. I started off with an explanation for why the show and my Substack have been on an unscheduled hiatus for so long. The bullet points are:

- An Epiphany: Considering how much the faithful are being attacked at every angle, it makes sense to shift gears to focus more on how the worlds of culture and politics are being weaponized against faith. I won't be getting more "preachy" or doing analyses of Bible verses. Instead, I'll be applying a Biblical lens to the various events happening in our world.
- A Show Loss: We are no longer working with our excellent producer, Disco. He's a pro and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants their show properly produced. I'm just not a good fit for a producer.
- Discern TV: Our intention starting last October was to launch Discern.TV as a full-blown television network. During my hiatus I came to the conclusion that we should launch it now and move it forward over time rather than making it perfect before launch. There is plenty of discerning content out there already, so why wait until we have all our ducks in a row?
- Sick as a Dog: God works in mysterious ways. I believe that the forced break due to an odd illness that's still circulating back and forth in my family may have been a blessing in disguise. Even with everything else that was happening, I still would have done my daily show if I hadn't been too sick to do so. Now, I understand that I needed to be sick to force me to take a step back and set other things in motion.
- Whole Cows: We have launched a new product with our meat company! We launched the company with freeze-dried chicken last year. Now, we're offering beef, both frozen (for today) and freeze-dried (for tomorrow). You can check out our new website and if you order with promo code "JDR" at checkout you'll get 15% off.

With that out of the way, I turned to discussing the agenda against faith. It isn't just the Nashville mass murder that represents direct attacks against Christians by the transgender supremacy community. It's coming from multiple fronts.

It's telling that after a transgender person committed mass murder against Christians, corporate media and the wokesters in government all turned to defending the LGBTQIA+ community rather than Christians. That's America in 2023, at least for those under the thumbs of the powers-that-be.

I covered several stories that represent this shift in the American narrative, not to mention one that addresses the shift in the Canadian narrative. Here are the stories I covered:

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