TLDW #18 - Aikuchi Tanto Koshirae - Making the Fittings

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6 years ago

**WARNING: This is the longer process version intended for serious students of historical knifemaking. The wood is hounoki,The fuchi and koiguchi are from a reclaimed buffalo horn souvenir, the kurikata is from a reclaimed horn button, the wrapping is rawhide samegawa, the mekugi is copper and silver...All of the parts are first shaped and fit, then the samegawa is wet formed to the handle contours, dried, and then attached with sokui (rice paste glue)...after the scabbard and handle are lacquered, the horn parts will be polished and attached with sokui as well...the mekugi cap is soldered on with hard silver solder in the charcoal forge...

The previous stage is carving the outside of the handle and scabbard:

And before that, carving the inside of the handle and scabbard:

finished work is here:

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