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The Truth About The Nashville Christian School Shooting Why Gun Control Wouldn't Have Stopped It

Nashville Christian Mass Shooting Gun Control

As is the case when shootings like this happen, there is a bunch of talk about passing gun laws so this doesn't happen again. But the media figures, celebrities, and even regular people who say this never stop to ask, what gun control would have prevented this?

Background checks? No
What about raising the age to purchase a gun? No
What about a ban on so-called high-capacity magazines? No

Now let's talk about banning so-called assault weapons.

If the logic is mass shooters use AR-15s, so let's ban AR-15s, why isn't that the same logic we use for handguns? It's not a secret, "Handguns are the most common weapon type used in mass shootings in the United States, with a total of 161 different handguns being used in 111 incidents between 1982 and March 2023."

The most deadly school shooting in US history was at Virginia Tech University, where the shooter killed 32 people and injured 17, and he only used handguns.

Now, I'm not saying the AR-15 is not a formidable weapon. It very much is, which is why we want them. It's the same reason the police used an AR-15 to stop the shooter, and they didn't use limited-capacity magazines.

As deadly as an AR-15 can be in the hands of a mass shooter, it can also be just as effective at saving lives in the hands of law-abiding citizens.

I have a whole series on my YouTube channel called "Defensive Gun Use," where law-abiding citizens use AR-15s all the time to save lives.

Unfortunately, six people lost their lives, but I assure you it could have been much worse. But no one wants to ask that question. Why wasn't it much worse?

The reason they don't ask this question is that they know the answer, and it has nothing to do with gun laws.

It wasn't much worse because of the police officers' efficient response and the lockdown system that the school had in place.

So when the shooter shot his way into the school, he couldn't find anyone to shoot.

You can see him in the video looking for people and seeing little to no one.

This gave the police precious time to get into the school and confront the shooter before he could kill any more people. That's what we call hardening our schools, i.e., making our schools an unattractive target to mass shooters because they're too hard to attack.

What don't we understand about this? We know these people are looking for an easy target so they can kill as many people as possible in a short period of time. So they're not going to choose a hard target where they'll have to, forgive my term of phrase, work hard for each and every kill.

These shooters literally wrote in their manifesto that there was another target, but it was too secure, so they chose this school because, from their perspective, it was a much easier target.

Stop letting these politicians and brainless celebrities play on your emotions to accomplish their agenda. It's clear as day that our schools are soft targets, and it doesn't take a degree in quantum physics to know that when you have a soft target, the first thing you do is harden that target, ESPECIALLY when the target is filled with Children!

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